Model Erin Fee On Summer In The City

Model Erin Fee is our latest darling. You may remember her from our editorial earlier in the week by Jenna Putnam, now she’s here to chat about what she’s up to in NYC and why she loves living in city. Check out her interview below!

Photographs Jenna Putnam


What are you passionate about?
First and foremost, life. I feel we are all in positions we should enjoy, we are lucky & must appreciate our friends and family; those who truly love us even when we are at our lowest, they colour our lives.

What are some of your favorite places to travel?
My favourite place to travel is the Coconut Grove in Miami with my boyfriend to fish with his dog munchkin. There and home to my family in sheffield.

You live in LES now, what do you like most about your neighborhood?
I like the feeling of inspiration. You walk around and everyone is so free and true to themselves; they dress differently, pump music as they walk down the street, draw on walls- anything goes.

What makes you feel sexy?
Feeling sexy comes from being true to yourself. It took me along time to realise I am me and I am unique in my own skin; no one else is like me, and I don’t need to be like anyone else or what people tell me to be to be sexy. Knowing that screams sex, trust me.

Tell us about a New York moment where you wanted to pull your hair out.
I want to pull my hair out in new york when it is the height of summer; there are no fields or parks to lay and have a picnic like back home; concrete jungle lives true to its name.

How do you prepare for your shoots?
I lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and healthy food 90% of the time. This keeps me in shape for shoots- But great pleasures in life are food and dancing- we all have our vices and i always allow myself breaks.

What is your favorite things about being a woman?
My favourite thing about being a woman is connecting with other women and accomplishing things together. Too many times women compete and put each other down , when women come together they are stronger than any man could ever dream to be 😉 !

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