Galore Darling: Drew Citron of Beverly Discusses Debut Album Careers & Ying Yang Twins Karaoke

Beverly is our new favorite pop duo from the talented Frankie Rose and Drew Citron. Both women have a wealth of experience playing in other bands: Vivian Girls, The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, Frankie Rose…just to name a few. Drew told us about the upcoming debut album, getting robbed in Spain and why “(Wait) The Whisper Song” is her go-to karaoke choice.

Interview by Shannon Kurlander

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[Photo Credit: Hanly Banks]

When did the idea for Beverly first come about?
Basically we started messing around and practicing together with Frankie on drums and just kicking around ideas that I had. It was totally just a fun project to do while we were home from tour.

Careers sounds like a 90’s summer day in California. What kind of bands inspired this sound?
We’re both California ladies so that’s kind of inherent in the songs we write anyway. With Beverly we’re going with the 90’s inspiration with The Breeders sound and Lush…stuff like that. Pavement.

Your video for “Honey Do” debuted just a bit ago. How were your teenage years? Were you a rebellious teenager?
I tried to be. I grew up in San Francisco. Being normal was the most rebellious thing I could do. I had my fair share of adventures and getting into trouble. It’s hard being a teenager. I was just starting to have ideas that were actually about being a creative person and being an artist, not really knowing how to express those things.
As a multi-instrumentalist where do you start with songwriting? Do you have a special affection for one instrument over another?
I just write on the guitar and then I try to make a melody that’s interesting over it. Lyrics last.

Having toured with multiple bands from Frankie Rose to The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, you have been on the road a lot. What are some of the strangest tour experiences you have had?
This last time when we met Fred Armisen and it turns out he’s a big Frankie fan. That was pretty cool. We got robbed in Spain once. All the gear was fine. I think it was an inside job. They stole all our personal belongings and the cops came back 20 minutes later with our passports but not our electronics or anything. Trying to communicate how messed up that is in another language was hard.

I interviewed Kip (The Pains of Being Pure At Heart) before and he mentioned stories of you all doing karaoke on tour. Do you have any go-to songs for karaoke?
He had me do a Fleetwood Mac song. I guess my go-to is “The Whisper Song” by The Ying Yang Twins. It really captures the essence of the live performance of karaoke. It’s all whispers, it’s very theatrical.

Are you touring this summer or staying in Brooklyn?
Tour is yet to be determined. A couple of ideas but I am really excited because the live band sounds really amazing. We will be going to the UK and Europe in the fall. I love touring in the UK; easy drives and the crowds are hard to win over. Once you get them, it’s a fun time. I love British music.

What recommendations do you have for the best ways to spend the summer in NY?
Go to the beach…bike to the beach. By the time you get there you biked like ten miles and it’s totally worth it. Then you get to swim all day.

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Careers debuts July 1 via Kanine Records.

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