Galore Darling: Denise Schaefer Gives Us The 411 On Modeling

This darling Denise Schaefer, who recently featured in an online editorial by Villaneva & Stone drops mad knowledge about the modeling industry.


Photographs and interview by Villaneva & Stone

Can you be so kind to let us know where you’re from?
Yes, well you see I was born in Peru where I had the most amazing childhood, I spent all my summers at this beach in Peru called Colon. I remember having this big house with all of my cousins, aunts and uncles. Those memories are what I like to call my happy place. Then we moved here to Ventura, CA when I was 11. I still go back to Peru from time to time when I get a chance, it’s nice to get away once in a while you know.

That’s beautiful, thank you for sharing that. Now, how long have you been modeling for and what impact has it had on your life?
I’ve been modeling for almost 2 years now and it’s completely transformed my life. It’s like a switch that I didn’t even know that was there just got turned on. It’s made me more confident in myself… even though I notice all the odd little details about myself now. It’s also made me realize: “You CAN change who you are, no matter what.” If I could turn back time and go back to high school, I’d be way more outgoing and secure in myself.

What type of girl or woman does it take to be a successful model?
Look as weird as this sounds you have to be business oriented. And it’s okay to go out and have fun with your friends, I just notice that girls who go out all the time and stay out way too late tend to not book as many jobs. So to all you models out there, just know that when you go to a casting and you look tired, they’re probably going to book the other girl that has more of a healthy glow. Which brings me to my next point. Remember that as a model you’re most likely not going to book every casting, so being confident and living a healthy lifestyle is key to keeping sane…

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a model?
Well, it can be a bit tough to make plans or go on trips because your schedule tends to be a bit spontaneous. Another big challenge is when you’re just too hard on yourself about your looks. My advice is to snap out of it as soon as you can. You’ve just got to tell yourself to simply get over it, because let’s face it:
There are bigger problems in the world. And the times that I do cave in and focus on the negative, I just always remember to take it as a learning experience and just prosper from it. You just have to make the best out of bad situations, it’s easier than you think.

And lastly, what must change in order for models to be properly recognized?
You know, I think that it’d be awesome to see more models have an identity. As a model, people at times look at us just as a pretty face, like dolls. Then you’ll open up a magazine where you’ll rarely see the girl’s name anywhere unless she’s a celebrity. It’d be nice to have models’ names be more visible in ads, however that probably won’t happen until we achieve our own identity.


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