Galore Darling: Co-Producer of the Fabulous Queen of the Night Jennie Willink

We’re so happy we got to chat with one of the co-producers Jennie Willink of the critically acclaimed immersive NY theater show Queen of the Night. She told us all about the show and why we should def check it out!


What do you love most about your job?
I love the diversity of our guests and watching how different people experience the evening. I love seeing their jaws drop when they walk in the space for the first time, and then welcoming people back over and over again.

One thing everyone should know about “QUEEN OF THE NIGHT”?
It’s fun! Yes, it’s sexy, unique, indescribable, a little dark…but I think people are pleasantly surprised at how much FUN they have.

The Diamond Horseshoe was last used for Andy Warhol’s wake in the 80’s, how did you guys choose this as the venue for Queen of the Night?
I like to think the spirt of Billy Rose, the original proprietor of the Diamond Horseshoe, had something to do with the right people coming together at the right time to do something truly special in this space.

How did you cast the queen for the show?
We didn’t know exactly who the Queen was going to be—we talked about dancers, opera singers, actors—we only knew she had to be powerful and commanding and vulnerable and mesmerizing. We found all of this in our Queen, Katherine Crockett.

Would you say the show is more catered to men or women?
Neither! We mix it up, and so does the audience. It really has something for everyone.

What has been the most craziest thing that has happen to an audience member at the show?
Everyone has a different definition of what is “crazy”, so what is crazy for one person might be totally “normal” for another guest. I don’t want to give everything away, but many people have kissed a stranger, secrets have been shared, and we may have had a couple of major celebrities lose their pants (literally) in a back room.

5 tips for enjoying QOTN:
1. Be open, stay open and say yes.
2. Talk to strangers.
3. Dress up, dress weird, dress to impress. Astound us!
4. Explore.
5. Share everything.

In one word describe the show.

What days and times are the shows?
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 7:30pm. Friday and Saturday at 8pm

Best cocktail to order during the show.
I love The Willing Gentleman (and who doesn’t?)


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