Galore Darling: Candy Harris of Stance on Summer Socks

Vp of Women’s Division of Stance, Candy Harris took some time out to tell us all we need to know about the brand Stance and how to wear socks in the summer!


Give us a bit of history about stance and describe the brand:
Stance started about five years ago, born from the Southern California roots of surf, skate, art and music culture. It quickly grew and became a staple amongst urban and fashion accounts alike, blurring the lines of fashion vs. technical function as we focused on delivering a product that could encompass both. In partnership with our brand ambassadors we call Punks and Poets, we have collaborated with some of the most creative individuals across music, art and sports and have taken the category to new heights as one of the only brands dedicated to building a lifestyle and cult following on this single category. Long story short, we aim to make our socks a canvas and our brand a medium to tell amazing stories about the influencers of our time.

Who’s wearing it?
That’s the really amazing thing about Stance, it’s not about one type of person who’s wearing it. If you appreciate art, or like a product that has a cool backstory to why it exists, you’re probably a Stance fan. If you are into music, or follow fashion, or have an affinity for expressing your personal style, you’ve heard or are wearing our brand. We do a lot of story telling through our product which constantly taps us in to new markets with a new cult following so I feel like our consumer is always evolving and adapting to the markets that inspire us.

Why are socks so important?
Socks have become a defining accessory to your personal style. It is either the foundation of your outfit dictating the shoes you wear or the colors they complement, or they are the icing on the cake and can take your wardrobe to the next level. In short, your socks have become a statement that shows you appreciate the details.

What kind of socks are good for the summer heat?
We swear by our Invisibles. With a silicone patch at the back heel they stay securely fitted to your feet no matter what shoes you wear or how hot it gets. We also love the anklet paired with sandals or heels, its a feminine punch of color that keeps summer shoes extra interesting.


Which stance sock is a great look for this summer?
We love the Durango for it’s eye catching print, the American Dream for some for some 4th of July flair, and the Electric Palms and Brooklyn Go Hard styles are two of our favorite collaborations from our Punk and Poets Kassia Meador and Santigold.


What’s coming up next
You won’t want to miss out on our collaborations this Fall, whether it’s Bambi’s sequins stunner or artist Brook Reidt’s geometric creation, both will give you a reason to stock your sock drawer!

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