Galore Darling: Brooklyn Based DJ Lauren Flax On How She Got Started

If you’ll be in the sweltering city this weekend, then DEF check out OUT IN THE STREETS OFFICIAL AFTER PARTY Presented By WITCHES featured this Galore Darling Lauren Flax. An invaluable member of the Brooklyn dance community, and half of the awesome band CREEP, we caught up with to chat about la musica.


Tell us about how you got into DJing
Being from Detroit, it was everywhere. I started out by just attempting to mix a Sade record with a drum and bass record on my friends belt drive turntables. Instantly I was hooked. Three months later I had my first gig at Motor, which turned into my first residency.

Do you produce your own music?
Yes, both as CREEP and as a solo artist. My solo stuff is mostly house and with CREEP it generally errs on the side of trip-hop.

Do you use vinyl, cdjs or laptop?
Was vinyl for about 11 years then made the switch to digital. I use CDJ2000’s with USB sticks now. My back is ever-thankful.

What’s been a career highlight for you?
With DJing, it was probably playing at the first Detroit Electronic Music Festival in 2000. It was the first time my parents came to see me DJ and actually see what I do. It was pretty neat. As CREEP, it would probably be surviving our 3rd show ever playing at Fabric in London. We were definitely thrown in the deep end haha.

Tell us about your association with the WITCHES collective?
I consider myself part of the Witches crew. I really like what those girls bring to the table. Its not just about parties, it’s about creating an atmosphere. They are creative and genuine as well, so I’m always honored to be involved with them.

Do you think there’s been a rise women DJ talent?
Nope. We’ve always been here and always will be. Maybe some people are just taking notice. People always ask what it’s like being a woman in a male dominated industry and I always say I have no f***ing clue. I do what I do along with many other women. Just be true to your talent and work hard, gender means nothing no matter what the career path.

Who are your fave female DJs in NY?
Jubilee, Star Eyes, Kim Ann Foxman, CryBaby, Volvox. Venus X, Nicole from Nina Sky and of course my bandmate, Lauren Dillard, to name a few.

Whats coming up next?
I’ve got a single coming out with Kim Ann Foxman soon. We covered Janet Jacksons Pleasure Principal. I’ll be releasing it on my label, CREEP INTL. Then back to Europe for some DJ gigs in October. We have some CREEP live shows in and around NYC as well.


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