Galore Darling: Ashley Outrageous On Her Lifestyle Brand & NYC

If you’re not familiar with Ashley Outrageous then here’s your opportunity to acquaint yourself with this beauty. Coming from Miami, Ashley is now taking on NYC and killin’ it, obvs.

Photographs by Loamis Rodriguez

Interview by Carel Lajara


How would you describe your brand?
Oh, that’s a tough one. It’s actually a life-style brand; telling people what I’m into. What I’m really listening to on my IPod, showing people what I’m wearing, what festival I was at, and it’s just outrageous I guess you could say.

How is New York different from Miami?
There’s a shit ton more competition. When I was [in Miami] I felt like I could solidify myself more. The difference was that here I felt like I was becoming way too comfortable and I wasn’t challenging myself, and I knew if I went [to New York] I would meet people that are basically in my lane. Now I’m going back to my drawing board, strategizing, and plotting what I need to do next to make myself stand out. I feel like I was able to do it here because it’s such a small city, there weren’t that many blogs in general, so I would be approached by labels and artists all the time when they were coming down to Miami. In NY, when an artist is there, all these people are trying to interview them. So over there I have to figure out what I’m going do different. Here, I would bring shows down; I did Curren$y’s first show here, Dom Kennedy, Pac Div, Big Sean, Kendrick. No one was bringing people like that. Here we’d just get the occasional tour with someone as big as Jay Z or Beyonce, but not these underground shows that you get in NY where you can just randomly see whoever your listening to on the blogs, and since I was on the blogs I knew these [artists] had to have a following in Miami. It’s cool to actually be the first one to bring them. It was things like that that I was able to do here, and now it’s like what am I going do that’s going put me on that level [in NY].


You mentioned you have artists reach out to you, but how do you select the people that you feature on your site?
It’s always someone I’m really interested in. With artists that don’t know me I’ll Google them, look on twitter, look through emails, look for who’s the manager or sometimes I’ll know someone that knows them, it’s just about connecting the dots.

Do you feel it is difficult to be taken seriously?
Oh, yeah. It’s difficult just being a girl in this industry. When I started doing this there would be people saying, “Oh she interviewed a rapper, she probably had sex with him”, and it’s like no man. That’s not what I’m here for. And guys are just guys, it’s a male dominated industry, they’ll say things like “Well, what does she know about hip hop?” or “What does she know about music?”, but there’s been plenty of times when I’ll know a lot more than a dude and they’re always taken back. It’s definitely been hard but it all comes with being consistent, keep going even when it gets tough. Man, I’ve been at that moment where I don’t want to do this anymore and then I’m just like you know what, f*** it, nope, I’m not going let them win, I’m going to keep on.

How do you get people to check out your blog?
Social media. It’s all sharing and networking, and that’s really my core thing, too. Also, my content. There’s websites that are successful but they post every single thing that comes out; mine has always just been funneled to exactly what I like and what I want to talk about. So it hasn’t been an over kill for people, they get just the right amount.


Recently you started promoting Beats by Dre, how is that going?
I’m doing a Beats by Dre campaign. Once I started building my following I was approached by brands to do all different types of campaigns. So this Beats one is actually one of my favorite ones, I have a Beats Pill myself. This campaign is for the Beats Pill XL, which is like four little pills put together and it’s loud as f***. I’m going be able to bring it to friends’ parties, and we’re also teaming up with bikers; like let’s say I’m at an event and there’s a line outside, I can just hang out outside and then the biker, with the Beats Pill XL, will come meet up with me and we would be showing people how loud it is outside where there’s a crowd. It’s just for the month of August but I’m hoping that after I do this that that’ll bring on more opportunities, I love Beats by Dre.

Where do you see yourself progressing?
I want to start a series where I’m traveling to different cities and I’ll do like five interviews in each city. So I’m going to start in NY now that I’m there, I actually have a lot of friends and people I know that are doing really cool things that I want to focus on. I also want to interview more artists and producers, not just rappers anymore; so really getting myself out of that bubble of just hip hop. And then the whole reformat of my brand is for everything to become original content. I want to develop more so into a lifestyle and give people more of a look at what I’m into, not just music. I want to do cool content that people can take something from and it’s not just watching an interview with an artist in a room talking for 5 minutes that you’ll never watch again. I want to do stuff that’s eye catching, so people can say “That was dope, I’m going to tell my friend to watch it and then my friends are going tell their friends to watch it and then I’m going watch it again because I liked it so much.”


Make up: Maribel blanco
Stylist: Monica Grajeda

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