Galore Darling: Artist Gaff-E’s Vibrancy Gives Us Life

We were so happy to interview the wonderful performance artist Gaff E. She talks to us about how she defines what she does, her inspirations and what’s coming up next!


How would you describe what you do?
I do a lot of things but the simplest way to describe them is…I celebrate colour and style through performance, music and art.

How did you get to where you’re at?
By staying true to myself and what I love and believe in, therefore evolving constantly and organically

What are you main inspirations?
I am inspired by colourful unique and beautiful creatures and places I discover on my travels. Along with food, traditional attires from Eastern Europe and South America and my partner Beast who is always showing me new ways of creating.

Other artists you love?
Trippple Nippples, Ylva Falk, Christeene, Sue Kreitzman, House of Drama, Nina Hagen, Carley Hague, Geneva Jacuzzi, Betty Grumble, Rubbish Fairy, Fred Butler, Nathan French, Jonny Woo, Noel Fielding, Elena Stonaker, Peggy Noland, Actually, My Bad Sister, Alex Noble, Peaches, The Wau Wau Sisters, Hyenaz and Skip&Die to name a few…

Biggest highlight so far?
Highlight of the year was making a video with my dad and his truck. I wrote a song about it a few years ago so it was a dream come true to shoot it dancing with him and the Bandag Bullet (the fastest truck in the world!)

How would you describe your personal style?
Always colorful, but I like to keep it fresh and change it up as much as possible. From tropical to rainbow lycra…cyber warrior to psychedelic cave woman…cheetah styles to pom pom heaven!

Favorite song of this summer?
I’m in love with “Tonight” by Suzy Q

What’s coming up next?
Brussels this weekend to shoot a fashion film with designer Nathan French then Miami next week, Mexico and New York for fashion week in September. I can’t wait!


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