Galore Crush Will Peltz Tells Us What Turns Him On Most

There’s more than one Peltz in the acting game! Yes, Nicola Peltz brother Will Peltz has quite a few projects coming out and even more in the works. His grungy look makes us Galore Girls swoon, but his good looks aren’t the only reason he’s our man crush. Will is a Yale alum with some serious acting chops, so we decided we just HAD to meet him. Will gave us a peep into his life and even told us what turns him on! STEAMY. Read his interview by Just Jared below!


What are the next two things you want to check off your bucket list?

Jumping out of a plane in a squirrel suit, and surfing in Bali. 

What are you singing in the shower nowadays?

0-100 by Drake and slaying some T Swift.

What were your New Year’s resolutions?

Learn how to grow a real mustache and be on my phone less.

Which app do you use most often?


How did you make your first dollar?

I sold my mom a drawing from school.

What is your biggest turn on in a woman?


Who are your idols?  

Tom Hardy, River Phoenix, Mark Wahlberg and Jason Reitman.






Photography By Jacob Dekat & Creative Direction By Prince Chenoa

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