Galore Crush Ski Lodge Is All About Trust (He’s a Keeper)

We are crushing hard on Brooklyn band Ski Lodge with their modestly charming love songs- playing on our existing affection for bands like The Smiths. “Trust,” the latest single, explores the world of upbeat ’80s sounds and woos us with one unexpected desire: trust. Andrew Marr, lead vocalist and mastermind behind Ski Lodge, reveals what he really wants in a relationship and dishes on the best borough for a proper New York Valentine’s date.

Galore Mag - Andrew Marr - Ski Lodge

I can’t stop dancing around to “Trust”. How important is trust to a relationship? What are the other ingredients to a successful relationship with you?
Yea, I think trust is very important. I think the most obvious form of that is that if I were in a monogamous relationship I wouldn’t want to have to worry about who she was spending time with outside of me. In this song though, I’m more referring to being able to tell someone the darkest stuff about yourself and trusting that they aren’t going to judge you or walk the other way.

You’re always changing up your sound. What can we expect next? You haven’t tried R&B yet…
I definitely have a hard time just sticking to a specific sound. I can’t really decide if its a problem or not. I’m constantly listening to music, new and old, so I think that plays a big part in inspiring me to try different things. As far as the new stuff, some of it is definitely more electronic and less “jangly”. Overall, I feel like it a lot of it is darker than anything I’ve released in the past, which i’m excited about. Hmm, R&B… I’ll give that some thought.

We’re still thinking about the Katy’s Super Bowl halftime performance. What’s your favorite K. Perry anthem?
Pretty sure “Teenage Dream” is my favorite jam.

So, Valentine’s Day. Any plans? Where are your best date spots in New York?
No valentines plans as of now. I feel like just walking around in certain neighborhoods of New York is a good date. Greenwich Village is probably my favorite for walking around in.

Please tell us a new Ski Lodge album is on the way…?!
Yes, definitely on the way. I’m nearly done recording it but no clue when its going to be released or anything yet. Hopefully sometime this year!

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