Galore Crush: Lloyd Sam Rocks Cleats & Balenciaga Sneakers

Now that the Super-Bowl is over, and basketball season is heating up, let’s not forget about the sport that in my opinion has the hottest players of them all – soccer. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Lloyd Sam from New York’s own team, The Red Bulls. We talked about his favorite places to go out in NYC, what type of girl can get him to settle down, and his killer fashion sense. Say hello to Lloyd: the soccer player who looks as good off the field as he does on, knows his designers, and has a British accent to boot!


You moved here to start playing for The New York Red Bulls in 2012, what do you miss the most about London?

Family and friends being so close, being able to see them all the time. But, over time I have made a lot of friends here and my family is able to come visit all the time, so it’s not really so bad. I get to go back, so there isn’t really anything I need to miss if I’m being honest. It’s just that my mom’s over there and I miss her every now and then.

What’s the difference between American girls vs. English girls?

English girls I probably have more in common with. Since I’ve come out here I’ve met some American girls that I’ve gotten along with, but out here there’s more of a diversity of girls, there’s so much culture. I like exotic flavor so if a girl looks a bit exotic with a mix of different things that usually interests me, I like that about New York.

Where are your favorite places to go out in the city?

Restaurant wise I like to go to a place called Delicatessen, I like Serafina in Meatpacking. I like Tao, I’m often going to Tao restaurant and bar. Every now and then when we get a night off one of my spots would probably be PhD at the Dream Hotel or 1Oak, but that’s just when we get a few days off to go out.

Do you get time off a lot?

We normally will have a Sunday off or a Monday off, it doesn’t mean that I’m definitely going out. But, especially when my friends come visit I like to show them a couple of places.


Your teammates said that you have somewhat of a reputation among the rest of the players, why do you think that is?

I think it’s because I’m one of the only single players on the team. A lot of the guys are tied down with wives, kids, and all that. I’m one of the only single guys so my life is going to be drastically different from theirs for obvious reasons.

Why are you not tied down yet, haven’t found the right girl?

I was in a relationship for like 3-4 years not too long ago, even when I was in New York that was the case, but since then that’s not really worked out so well, so I’ve been single. Right now I like the way things are, until someone sweeps me off my feet that’s how it’s going to be.

For a girl to sweep you off your feet, what are some qualities that she needs to have?

First, there has to be initial attraction. As I’ve gotten older, the chemistry we have on a day to day basis has gotten more and more important, it’s like the biggest thing- the chemistry that I have with someone else. Just the laughing and joking and fooling around, if a girl can’t make me laugh, forget about it. And just certain things are important like loyalty and reliability. You need to have someone that you know is going to be loyal. Initial attraction is important, but looks aren’t everything anymore. When I was about 24 or 25, I was pursuing girls for the wrong reasons, but now it’s changed a lot, it’s all about the chemistry.

If we asked your past hook-ups/ girlfriends to tell us something about you, what do you think they would say?

They would say that I’m good company and when I need to be serious, I’m serious. And that I’m obsessed with playing Playstation. That’s what comes to mind, amongst other things…


We see on your Instagram, that you recently bought a nice pair of Balenciaga sneakers, are you a bit of a sneaker-head?

I am a bit. I’m more of an all-around, I like my sneakers, I like my jeans, I like my belts, I like my jackets. I do like sneakers, but I’m really just into fashion. Every time I have an opportunity to put clothes together it’s a big occasion, I like it. Everyday is a new opportunity to showcase and do something, it’s cool. I like dressing up and people on the team know that on match-day I’ll usually wear something kind of cool. You want to show up to the game looking the part, feeling the part, ready to play the game.

What are some of your favorite brands?

It’s not always about the designers for me if I’m being honest. With sneakers it is, like you said, Balenciaga. I used to buy a lot of Christian Louboutins before, I don’t buy them so much anymore. They’re not really that comfortable, but everyone likes the red bottoms. I’m kind of over that now, I had a few pairs of Guiseppe Zanotti’s before, I’m kind of over them too. It’s not really about names for clothes in general, I like items that if I like it, I can get it in every color. If I like an Yves Saint Laurent top, I can’t afford to get it in every color. The things I would spend more money on are shoes, belts, and jackets. Jeans, sometimes, but T-shirts never really. I always like to go to a Zara or something like that.

Besides fashion, is there somewhere else you tend to splurge money wise?

Food. I definitely spend a lot of money on food, I love my food. I love getting restaurant recommendations because there are so many places in the city you don’t get to go to. I guess when I go out I spend money, the occasional drink.


Do you cook a lot?

We’ve got a nutritionist at the club actually who’s helping everybody. For a little period I was into the whole buying ingredients and cooking until my girlfriend came around, and then she was doing the cooking and we were going out to eat and I stopped, but I need to get back into it. I tend to go to the grocery store and buy random things that don’t always make a meal. The nutritionist said she’s going to help me with a grocery list and the things that come out of that list, so that will help.

Do you feel that there are certain things you’ve had to give up as a professional athlete? 

Of course, you can’t have the same lifestyle as some of the people you know who aren’t in the sport. You think of DJs and people in music and it’s a completely different lifestyle, they’re out every night. We’ve got practice everyday so it’s a lot different. Obviously certain foods, I remember the days I used to eat McDonalds and stuff like that. If I touch something like that now I’m guilty for the next week. But, I prefer this lifestyle. I’m in shape, I’m eating healthy, it just helps in general. Even after I’m not playing I hope I can keep the lifestyle going with keeping fit and eating well, it helps a lot, it gives focus.

If you weren’t playing soccer, what do you think you would be doing?

I mean, that’s something that at my age I’m thinking about. Because I’ve got about 4-5 years left in the game. It’s just a hard thing to fathom right now, what the next step is. It’s scary sometimes, but I’m trying to figure it out. I don’t know if I’ll be involved in the sport, I don’t know what I’ll do. I’ve tried little businesses in the past, I had a clothing line. There’s that, I had a little delivery dry-cleaning service before where I used to live, but because I had to move it messed things up. I don’t know what I’ll do, but I’m interested in different types of business and how it works and everything.

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