Josh Barr Gives Us 4 Things Keeping You From Your Bikini Body

When it comes to fitness, everybody has an opinion. Unfortunately, sometimes these opinions can lead to false information that can keep you from obtaining your dream body. Galore caught up with trainer and fitness athlete Josh Barr to get his tips on where you’re going wrong when you’re trying to get your body right.


What inspired you to start your fitness journey?

I was put down a lot when I was younger because of my lack of size for sports. I was never really given a fair chance. I decided to workout and train on my own and I’ve been proving those who never believed in me wrong ever since. So ironically, all of the people that told me what I couldn’t do inspired me the most.

What do you think keeps girls from getting to their fitness goals?

1) Believing everything that they read. It is crucial to understand the science behind every claim. If something seems to be too good to be true, it most likely is.

2) Admiring someone else’s body rather than their own. Fitness models aren’t there to make you want to look exactly like them, but to see that with hard work you can get into the best shape of your life.

3) Being too hard on themselves in the kitchen. If you slip up and eat a little more chocolate than what you planned to, don’t punish yourself or try making it up by skipping your next meal or eating less of it. Just go a little harder in the weight room the next session. The same way you won’t get abs after one workout, you won’t lose them after one bad meal.

4) Believing that the longer they spend at the gym, the more calories they will burn. A short burst of cardio such as running sprints or jump roping will burn more calories than a longer and slow paced jog.Josh_Barr_Galore04

Why should girls not be scared of lifting?

The reason girls are usually scared of lifting is because they think that they will bulk up. It is important to know that it all depends on how you lift. A bulky person can lift to get lean. So although it is true that you can get bulky, you can also get lean and toned. If you want to avoid the bulk look, lift light weight with high sets and repetitions. It will burn fat and allow you to obtain lean muscle. Lifting is also very beneficial to the body in many ways biologically, such as improving bone strength and blood flow.

What’s one fitness mistake that most people make?

1) Not being patient and not being realistic. A lot of people give up because they don’t see results right away. Though it seems ironic, forget about the results. I know that’s why most people workout in the first place, but if you go to the gym with that mindset, then it becomes a dreaded chore that seems like it has to be done. Instead, try going to the gym to take out some stress or to get away from your busy schedule. Go to focus on yourself and to clear your head. In a way it is as if you are going to the spa. Soon you will feel relaxed and overwhelmed with healthy energy. Workout as if you are treating yourself with a vacation away from your busy lifestyle and time will fly by and you will obtain the results in no time.

2) Letting the food labels fool you, just because something says that it is fat free, doesn’t mean that it can’t be stored as fat. Sugar is the enemy. Treat the sugar content as if it is fat. Watch them both, but don’t cut them out of your diet completely.

3) Believing that all carbs are bad. If you are an active person you need your carbs for energy. However, as with everything else, eat them in moderation.Galore_Josh_Barr01

Why do you think more girls should work out with their dude?

I workout with my girlfriend and we really enjoy it. It gives us something to do together and talk about. We also get to push each other towards our goals, which is really cool.

Would you ever date a chick who wasn’t into fitness?

Of course, whether your workout or not doesn’t make you a better person. However, it is a positive because I like a girl who takes care of her body. It is a way of respecting yourself and that is a great quality to have. I was lucky to have a girlfriend who works out, but I’d still be crazy about her if she didn’t.


When it’s time for a cheat meal, what’s your go-to?

This is tough, because I love all food way too much. If you wanted a smart cheat meal I would recommend pizza, however my go-to would be some cheesy fries, BBQ wings, and a huge piece of chocolate cake, maybe some doughnuts or Oreos.

What’s your advice for girls who want to get bikini body ready?

Don’t rely on a strict diet. Eat everything in moderation. If you cut yourself off from all of your tasty and unhealthy desires then you will go crazy and decide to give up on your goals. Treat yourself every now and then and stay focused. Don’t look at pictures of other girls to look the way they do, but to want to do the things they do. I do what I do not to inspire people to look like me, but to do the healthy things that I do so that they can better themselves and to show them that with hard work they can look the way they want to. Be patient, work hard, and stay focused.


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