Galore Crush Homeshake Shares Fav Sexy ’90s R&B Jams

Our latest indie crush Homeshake, Peter Sagar (formerly a member of Mac DeMarco‘s band), makes the sexiest distorted music we have ever heard. His music on In The Shower wobbles and whines all over the place and we dig it. While Peter got a bit shy when we took things past PG-13, he did tell us about his essential ’90s R&B jams, his dream babe and the truth about Mac DeMarco’s groupies.

Galore Mag - Homeshake - Mac DeMarco-In The Shower

Tell us about your dream babe:
My dream babe is 5’2″, brown eyes, named Salina, and sitting three feet away from me in our apartment we live in together.

What’s the most foolish thing you have ever done for a girl?
I let Salina decide where the bathroom mat was at out last place, and it made no sense at all. Half of it was under the sink and left enough space between it and the tub that the floor was always wet. Totally ridiculous.

Now don’t be shy. What are your favorite spots to freak besides in the shower?
I am very shy.

Galore Mag - Homeshake - Mac DeMarco-In The Shower

Have you encountered some crazy wannabe groupies during your time touring with Mac DeMarco?
I guess so, they were all college boys with Mac DeMarco hard ons though, and I just hid in the green room alone.

Galore Mag - Homeshake - Mac DeMarco-In The Shower

We absolutely loved your debut – please tell us another album in the works?!
Thank you. Yes, my new album is on the way soon!

What are your five essential ’90s R&B jams?
“Between The Sheets” by the Isley Brothers, “Send It On” by D’Angelo, “Free” by Deniece Williams, “Sweet for You and Me” by Mtume, and “If I Love U 2 night” by Prince.

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