Galore Crush: Bradley Soileau On How to Please Boys on Valentine’s

If you’re like us, you’ve seen him in the pages of Essential Homme, runways of Roberto Cavalli, or in one of his three Lana Del Ray music videos. Bradley Soileau has been our favorite rockstar heartthrob for years, but the Louisiana native’s latest creative venture showcases his talent and aesthetic behind the scenes rather than in front of the camera. The renaissance man’s newest artistic hat is that of a fashion designer. Bradley has just completed the debut collection of his brand, BLACKFIST, titled Volume 1: ENDLESS BUMMER. With pieces ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to $10,000, the collection is moody, sophisticated, and totally rad. We tracked him down in his L.A. apartment and got all the details about his inspirations and he offered his tips on what to get your boo for Valentine’s Day. Also peep full BLACKFIST lookbook below!

Photo by Jessie Kohlman

Tips on what to get a get a dude for Valentine’s Day:
-Something sexual always. It’s valentines day, show up in something slutty and f*** your dudes brains out.
-If you’re in a non sexual relationship, take him out get steak and give him some head.

Sexiest thing a guy can wear to impress the ladies?
It makes my girlfriend really wet when I wear snakeskin pants and a leather tank top, so maybe that.

What inspired you to start BLACKFIST now?
So the thing about it is, I started working on this almost a year ago now. just designs, concepts and so on. Due to time line and my own crazy mind, its taken a while to get to this point. I would have liked to have launched sooner, but what I’m going do is much better and much more original and cool so it’s taken some time and I’m ok with that.

Photo by Jessie Kohlman

Speaking of BLACKFIST, where did that name come from?
Well, there’s an obvious blackpower reference, but I’m not really going to heavy on that side. More than anything I like the name, it reminds me of a cool band name, and I f*** with it. It’s not too serious, but still has a certain power behind it.

You have the persona of a modern day rocker; who are some rockstars that have heavily influenced your work?
I f*** with Axl Rose’s whole swag, I really dig what Slipknot does, Zach de la Rocha is a big inspiration, and I believe that Travis Scott is definitely a rockstar that has inspired me most recently, but my inspirations weren’t rockstars. I was inspired by Jacob Bannon from Converge, Wesley Eisold from Give up the Ghost, Dan Mills from Cold World, Ryan George from Carry On, and Jeffrey Eaton from Modern Life is War. These were the singers and bands that influenced and molded me. They’re my true inspiration. The complete lack of caring what anyone thought, and making music they new wasn’t gonna make them rich or make them money at all really. They just did it for the love of doing it. And they were pissed and weren’t afraid to say why. Those guys are my inspiration.

Photo by Jessie Kohlman

BLACKFIST vol 1 is strictly menswear; any desire to design for women in the future?
It can be said it is strictly menswear, but I like to think that almost all clothes are unisex. I wear some things made “strictly for women” by full on women’s brands, it’s really on the person and their style and if they are comfortable with themselves wearing something for another sex, but yes in the future I would like to expand out to women’s, possibly in the 2nd or 3rd volume to come. depends on where my heads at and where I am with the brand at that moment.

You’re a musician, a model, an actor, and now a designer. Which of these industries provide you with the most satisfying creative outlet?
For me being a DJ and designing are the most satisfying outlets for my creativity. I truly enjoy DJing when I get to DJ what I want to. When I can just sit at home and play my records as loud as I want and play whatever records I feel, that’s when I’m most satisfied musically.

Design work, and the whole creative process behind my brand is most satisfying of all because i actually get to make something to show the world. I can say “HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK WHAT I DID” and I f***ng did it. It wasn’t me getting my picture taken, or me looking like me in a video, it’s me actually putting my brain, heart and soul into something.

Who is your dream person to have wearing your stuff?
Travis Scott is someone I want in my clothes, his vibe is my vibe, his music is rap/hardcore/punk and I think he would look so radical in them, but aside from him, for me, seeing a celeb in my clothes won’t cut it, I wanna see Boris Bidjan Saberi or Siki Im rock my clothes.

What’s up next?
I’m in Copenhagen for the CIFF tradeshow end of this month, and then after that I’m working on an art gallery world tour for the launch of BLACKFIST Volume 1: ENDLESS BUMMER!

Photo by Jessie Kohlman











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