Galore Bushwick Week: Kae Burke On Recreating House Of Yes

If no one knew, the Galore offices are in Bushwick- the coolest part of Brooklyn: LET’S BE HONEST. So, to showcase how cool everyone and everything is here, we’re highlighting the coolest things going on in the coolest place. Oh wait did I mention how f***ing cool this neighborhood is, it’s nauseating. Now I’m going to be sick because I’ve said cool too many times and now I’m ashamed of myself.

MOVING ON SWIFTLY, for those who aren’t familiar with the event space House of Yes– it previously was on the border of East Williamsburg/Bushwick and has now moved to a non-arguable Bushwick and is reestablishing itself as the industrial party haven. I talked to one of the founders, the lovely Kae Burke, and discussed the upcoming opening of the new location. Also check out the front of the new spaces in the pix!


How would you describe Hose of Yes at it’s old location? What went on there? Why the move?
The House of Yes on Maujer street was a creative oasis on a desolate street in the industrial pocket of east Williamsburg that hosted special events and circus theatre, as well as circus classes and costume workshops. We moved because our landlord was trying to raise our rent to an outrageous price and it didn’t make sense for us to keep the space for 5 more years.

Do you think it moving location will change the vibe?
The vibe will definitely be slightly different, for the better. The new location is in a neighborhood that already has a vibe of community and creativity, as opposed to our old place that was off the beaten path and tucked away. We will definitely be maintaining the sexy, absurd and irreverent vibe that we had before, and seeing how to

How did it start?
My business partner and best friend Anya Sapozhnikova started the first House of Yes out of a loft that was over at Troutman Street and Flushing Ave. The first House of Yes was a live/work space that had monthly parties and weekly circus and costume workshop nights, but it burned down in 2008. Then we signed a lease on the Maujer Street building which became the next phase of House of Yes.

What can we expect from the new House of Yes? When is it set to open?
The new space will have a bar, restaurant and event space open every day of the week! We will have a lot more events and entertainment than before, plus professional level circus and performance classes during the day, more kids events, and circus brunch!

5 Favorite Spots in Bushwick?
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