Galore Boy Draft: Our 6 Ultimate Alt Rock Dream Dates

Being a groupie has never been so appealing. Hold on a minute: Yes we are all about class, but these alternative rockers are making it really hard on us. After all, we’re just band-aids: these boys are exceedingly gorgeous with adorable personalities, but we fall in love with their beautiful music. New York is getting a special treatment this week as the Ty Segall band plays Webster Hall two nights in a row. Hats off to men like Ty Segall (and bandmate Mikal Cronin) who make it look so easy and make loving them just as effortless:

by: Shannon Kurlander

Ty Segall
Reasons We Love Him: It’s always been about the music. Ty is one of the hardest working men in garage rock and you can tell it’s purely out of a love for rock n’ roll.
Dream Date: Taco shop and record shopping. Ty loves tacos.
Favorite Song: “Wave Goodbye”

Mikal Cronin
Reasons We Love Him: The adorably shy and subtle superstar best friend of Ty Segall can masterfully create grungey songs (see: “Apathy“) and endearing pop melodies. We love his long locks, versatile musical talent and humble personality.
Dream Date: Afternoon picnic in the park.
Favorite Song: “Weight” – MCII

Mac DeMarco
Reasons We Love Him: Mac is the kind of guy you shouldn’t bring home to your mom but when you do she falls in love with him despite his crass ways. We love that he shares his personality as face value, making him insanely accessible. Mac is ridicilously goofy, often disgusting, but always a sweetheart. We adore his public affection and odes to his true love, girlfriend Kiki (Kiera)…we only wish to trade places.
Dream Date: Grab some pizza, hit up a pinball arcade and then lounge around and watch The Simpsons.
Favorite Song:”My Kind of Woman”- 2

Kurt Vile
Reasons We Love Him: Kurt is incredibly intelligent and talented with an adoring awkward charm. He is one with his guitar and all of his songs come off effortlessly. We love that he is a family man (sorry ladies, he’s married with kids). If only….
Dream Date: Intimate fireplace serenade in a northwest cabin.
Favorite Song: “Never Run Away”

Devendra Banhart
Reasons We Love Him: His soul peers through his eyes and his enchanting music. We love the romance and vulnerability that you get with Devendra, the man and the musician.
Dream Date: A candlelit dinner followed by tango dancing.
Favorite Song: “Mi Negrita” – Mala

Most of these men are taken (and for good reason) but a girl can dream….right?
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