Galore Artist: Scott Lipps

Scott Lipps is the epitome of the modern Renaissance man. As Founder and CEO of One Management, drummer for the band HOLE, and now, a published author, Scott is taking the world hustle to a whole new level. Check out our interview with Scott below and in our new issue, available HERE!

What inspired you to create the book “Poplipps”?

Poplipps was created as a behind the scenes perspective from an agency side of things and from my crazy life in fashion, music, and everything else I seem to have my hands in.

You have been to many parties over the year! Which one has been the most memorable?

I didn’t actually go to the Metball this year but that’s always an obvious standout, also love the ONE 10 year Anniversary we did a few years back. This year for the book launch we have something very special planned! I predict that will be one of the best upcoming events fashion week hopefully! Stay tuned!! Surprise, surprise.


What is the key to making a great Instagram post?

Instagram is always a insight into a world people want to have access into and I think beautiful women, celebs, a music inside and cool cultural things, (places, cars and anything fun!) seem to get a response but, to be honest, I’m always still learning!

How did you start drumming for Courtney Love band HOLE?

I actually sat in for our 10 year Anniversary with HOLE and it turned into a real gig! Never really envisioned it turning into something of this magnitude but I literally got off tour this a.m. and I’m back in the office 10 minutes later…my life is pretty insane!

Who is your favorite model of all time?

I always answer this with Christy, just because she’s timeless and on top of it, one of the coolest girls I have ever met…long live the supermodel! At ONE its been something we tried to specialize in for years and have repped some iconic girls in the process…

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