“Love And Paint” Artist, Alex Esguerra!

Artist Alex Esguerra has a very unique method of producing his works. While some artists use brushes, Alex uses the human body as a medium to express his unique perspective. In 2010, the artist had this first solo exhibition called “It’s Just Sex” (later changed to “Love and Paint“), a visual art concept where couples have sex with paint on canvas. Since then, the exhibition has showed nine times in various countries with the tenth taking place next month at the Frieze art fair in London. Check out our profile of the artist below!

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

Well I grew up in household with a lot of artists. My dad was a painter and a graphic designer; he was one of the original Mad Men. My mother was also like an insane illustrator, and my grandmother and my brother, like my whole family are artists. I was in the military, realized I was unhappy and somebody asked me what I wanted to do with my life and I was like, well my whole family are artists so maybe I should do that. I started applying to schools when I was 21 from Germany in the military and I was lucky enough to get a scholarship to Parsons. I wound up doing that and that was it.

What inspired you to create?

I just want to show people how I see the world. I feel like as artists we all have a very unique lens that we look at the world through. If you call yourself an artist I think that is your goal, to create pieces of work that express that perspective, and hopefully, people will see things as beautiful as you see them.

5 things you can’t live without?

My black jeans, Netflix account, girlfriend’s Seamless account, Starbursts, and my headphones.

Favorite music to listen to in the studio?

Actually, this just changed the other day, to this new band called Wet. It’s insane, the artist, her name is Kelly. She literally just came out and she’s going to take the world my storm, and like, I’ve literally been playing it on repeat.


Dream collaboration?

Da Vinci!

Who’s your muse?

My girlfriend, Jessie.

What do you do when you have artists block?

Smoke and go for walk.

What would you be doing if you weren’t an artist?

Not sure if this counts, but I’d like to a National Geographic photographer, that’d be dope.

Where do you see art in 10 years with the changing technology?

Well, I’ve been seeing a shift recently. Artists are partnering up with brands, like major corporations. I feel like that’s going to enter the digital world more, there’s going to be, like, digital experiences that basically connect brands with artists. I think it allows people to experience art through a completely new medium, and we’ve barely even scratched the service of technology. I feel like you can do as much as you can with paint and canvas or clay, but there’s so much more out there.

How did the first “Love and Paint” come to be? Were you just having sex on a canvas?

Well it’s like that, and it’s not like that. You know when you have an “ah-ha” moment? You don’t plan for it; you’re just walking around. I think it happens for a lot of people. I was raised in industrial design, and we’re always looking around for opportunities to solve something. I remember one time I went out and I just knew I was going to have sex that night. I cleaned up my apartment perfectly, I wanted it to look really nice incase I brought somebody home; I didn’t want to look like a pig. That night I was lucky, and it was sexually just really crazy and wild. The next morning I remember looking at the same room and it was just like in complete disarray, it was just crazy. I was just thinking, like, where were our bodies in that moment? You know when you think back to those nights and you only remember them in bits and pieces, flashes, like, flickering. There’s all these senses going off, and I just wanted to see how I could capture that artistically. I thought what if there was paint in the sheets,  but  that might be messy, so then I thought canvas. So it was just a concept in my head, but I finally tried it after some motivations from friends and that was 4 years ago.

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