SXSW 2015: Gal Pals Encourage Girl Power & Creativity

Gal Pals, Lauren Marie Mikus and Jillian Talley, are another reminder why being in a band with your best friend rules. If you have yet to dive into Velvet Rut, prepare yourself: this will easily become your most played record of 2015. Their addictive garage rock is rich with good vibes, catchy melodies, playful harmonies and most of all: girl power. Ready to take Austin by storm, Lauren told us their SXSW plans, jams and inspired us to create with our own gal pals.

Galore Mag - Gal Pals - SXSW 2015

The drive to and from Austin for SXSW can be grueling. What are some good road trip jams on your playlist?
I want to get into some new stuff. I have a collection from this label Now Again Records and it’s a reissue. It has a lot of old psych and world music…I’m excited to get into this stuff that’s not just our normal go-tos. I love podcasts too. We’re into WTF, that Mark Maron podcast.

If you get any free time – what show do y’all want to catch?
We’re playing with that band Protex…and it’ll just be good to catch up with other bands we’ve played with. Also I’m excited to meet the bands on the Burger Caravan we’re doing: Kim and the Created, Psychomagic.

When you’re packing for SXSW: what’s one style necessity?
Probably my short laced black boots I wear every show. They’re secure and comfortable to walk around in. And some Keds. We’ll be walking around everywhere so it’s all about packing light and being comfortable but still looking good.

Since you’re Gal Pals – what’s the best way to celebrate female friendship?
Doing something creative with your friends, not necessarily just music. Just getting yourselves into something beyond just hanging out is always a good thing to do.

Tell me more about creating Velvet Rut. It seems like you both had a blast.
We worked with a friend of ours from Austin, Elliott Frazier – he’s in band called Ringo Deathstarr. He saw us play our first show, and we didn’t end up recording the album until a year and half after that because we were still so new. He was like, “I want to record you guys.” We weren’t friends at the time but became friends after that. We tracked stuff for two days… and then spent a lot of time on the vocals getting the harmonies right and everything. We had a blast but also it’s hard to really make everything perfect so just realizing you can make it as perfect as you’re capable of but also knowing that’s not how it comes out every single time you open your mouth. It was a good challenge.

In line with “Do You Ever” – also the jam, let’s play a little game. You finish the sentence: Never have I ever…
Stolen a car. Is that good?

Totally a good thing. And one last question: If we wanted to join your girl gang – what should we prepared to do?
Be ready to show up, bring a bottle of wine, chill out and talk.

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