G-Star Raw SS14 Campaign: Lily Cole Talks Her Return to Modeling

G-Star Raw is launching it’s new unique SS14 campaign featuring model Lily Cole and chess genius Magnus Carlsen. We caught up with Lily Cole to talk about her new campaign and her return to modeling via G-Star Raw. We also included pics of the new campaign that looks awesome!

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Lily Cole, photograph by Jacob Dekat

With you being an educated art historian, how do you feel that the street art culture has impacted the art world? Are you for it or against it?
For it, I am for anyone’s artistic expression, I don’t know how it has impacted the art world but I think what they do is interesting and important because in the perspective of doing art outside of the art world it is important, because their not waiting for anyone to sanction their work, they are just expressing themselves and communicating their ideas without permission, its existence is socially important.

How do you celebrate your rawness?
I try to be as honest as possible, that’s as raw as you can get. You may look like shit or seem ignorant and it may not be entirely positive but it’s raw.

Does G-Star mark your return to modeling?
I never shut the door on modeling entirely, but it hasn’t been a priority. I have been doing only things that hold particular interest for me for the past few years, I do little advertising but I love the collaborative aspect of G-Star. The combination of people and elements in the campaign was exciting for me. I looked into the social and environmental impact of the campaign and I also like the urban-ness of it.

What do you think of models promoting playboy? Would you do it again now?
Not one of my priorities but never say never, I thought it was funny at the time. I remember thinking one day I will have grandkids who will be able to say that I was in playboy. It was also a classic magazine to work with. In history we looked at nudity in art, there is an interest in the nude female form and there is an interest in playing with that in fashion.

What’s coming up?
I’ve been working on impossible.com which is a social network trying to encourage a network of giving and receiving. People post what they can do and need help with and the idea is that people start doing things for each other for free. It’s a passion project I’ve been devoting a lot of time to.




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