FYF 2015: Purity Ring Talks Their Craziest Festival Experiences

With almost three years since Canadian future pop duo Purity Ring released their debut album Shrines, Purity Ring have come back to reclaim their throne with performances of  Another Eternity at this weekend’s upcoming FYF festival. To get amped for the festival, look back at Purity Ring’s process of recording their new record, partying with A$AP Ferg and the ongoing debate: should their fellow Canadian, Drake be taken seriously?

Galore: Tell us about the new record. Did you get in any little quarrels recording together for the first time?

Megan James: We had to communicate a lot and that’s a process that takes a lot of time, as a thing on it’s own. I feel like essentially in the end we both wanted the same thing for this record and it came together. Not to say it was totally smooth…but it came together.

Cory Roddick: The process felt like starting a new band. In doing so, you have to learn how to collaborate with your bandmates, which is something we hadn’t really done before.

“Push Pull” is very otherworldly. So much of your music seems to be rooted in another dimension. Are you bored with everyday life?

MJ: You could say that but we’re also just interested in making things that you’ve never heard. Not that we only make things that we invent, it obviously comes from somewhere, but it’s mostly just our interest in making things that are satisfying on a very personal level.

When you were growing up, what posters did you have plastered all over your walls? 

MJ: I remember your Björk poster, Corin.

CR: Oh yeah I had a Vespertine poster that I got when I was 14 or 15. I wish I still had it.

How do you like the new Björk album?

CR: I’ve only had a chance to listen to it a couple times, not in ideal circumstances—

MJ: That record needs time but it’s good right off the bat, for sure.

CR: I’m excited to dig into it more but I like what I heard so far. She’s been one of my favorite artists since I was very young.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done on a dare?

MJ: I grew up with three older brothers and they would go cliff jumping and I would go too. I would dare myself because I wanted to always do what they were doing…I’ve done a lot of crazy shit.

CR: When I was 18, I hitchhiked for three days. That was definitely an experience. It wasn’t something I did all the time…it was one of those things that was now or never. I went from Edmonton to Vancouver and back, which is all around about 25 hours of driving.

You two are festival veterans by now. What about your wildest festival experience? Have you had the chance to make friends with other cool artists?

MJ: I feel like when we first started playing I thought that artists would want to hang out with other artists backstage. It would be this sort of communal type atmosphere and everyone would be friends, but no one talks to anyone…

CR: I guess our one experience where we did get to meet people was a festival we played in Texas – we ended up sharing a bus with A$AP Ferg for two days.

Did you get to party with the trap lord!?

MJ Yeah, we watched the boxing match together that night…it was a very important part of the two day festival.

CR: It was really fun, like we said you usually don’t get to hang out with people.

MJ: We were at the festival all day with them and there were two other buses with Chance the Rapper and Cashmere Cat…it was like a party all day. We went tubing in the river, that was fun.

One last burning question: Were you Degrassi fans? And should Drake be taken seriously now?

CR: I take Drake seriously but maybe only because I haven’t seen Degrassi yet. If I did, it might be a different story.

MJ: I actually don’t think about whether or not I can take Drake seriously but I did watch Degrassi. It wasn’t my go-to everyday but I did watch quite a bit of it. That is a hilarious connection that Drake is what he is now and was in Degrassi.

CR: I would definitely love to go back and revisit Degrassi to see what I missed but in doing so, I would be worried to change my perception of Drake. Is it worth it?

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