The New Full House Is Causing Twitter Drama Already


Remember back in the day, Saturday mornings at 9am when you would settle onto the couch with a bowl of Fruit Loops and ready yourself for long hours watching trashy TV shows on ABC? We were psyched to be brought back to that time with the new Full House reboot, reminding us there are a lot more interesting things to do on Saturday mornings than nurse hellacious hangovers (aka watch 3 grown men struggle to raise 3 tweenagers).

But unfortunately one of our dreams for Fuller House was crushed today with some awk Twitter drama between John Stamos, who is producing the Netflix series, and the Olsen twins, who were basically the lifeblood of the show.

Uncle Jesse made it clear on Twitter that there will be no grown-up baby Michelle gracing our laptop screens. MK told WWD that Stamos hadn’t contacted either her or Ashley about the reboot. Stamos responded “I call bullshit”. Sounds like a snub to us. Kiss that dream good bye.


Is it really Full House without the Olsen twins? Most certainly not. Either way, clear your Tuesday afternoon so you can get nostalgic for the good ol’ days by binge watching all 8 seasons of the original Full House.

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