From YouTube to DigiFest, Mahogany Lox Is Queen

Mahogany Lox is the perfect example of a digital age pop star. Just a few years back she began sharing her videos on YouTube, which MagCon Tour then discovered, and now her stardom is booming with over one million followers on Vine, Twitter and Instagram. The sugar-pop sweetheart is already having the best summer ever with a bubbly new video and a killer DigiFest performance under her belt.


Born Mahogany Cheyenne Gordy, music was always in the family blood with her grandfather Berry Gordy, founder of Motown Records, and brother 8ky6lu of LMFAO. Like a true ‘90s babe, Mahogany remembers singing into her hairbrush along to Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, ’Nsync and the Spice Girls. “I was always dancing, singing and performing,” Mahogany recalled, “I would be like ‘I got this new routine I’m going to show you right now!”

Mahogany Lox, Boom, LMFAO, Galore

“Social media is so amazing and I have to be so thankful for it.”

Fast forward to 2015: Mahogany Gordy is now Mahogany Lox; DJ, singer and certified diva fresh off a tour with Fifth Harmony. And besides her talent, she owes it all to social media. It’s a wildly different age we live in where the internet can work in beautiful ways such as discovering a new star in one click. “I think the internet is amazing place, just the fact that you can even connect to a person across the world with the touch of button is cool,” Mahogany said.

“I just want all my LOXSmiths to feel like they’re with me one hundred percent and not feel like I left them behind.”

Mahogany believes that social media brings people together and she is the prime example of what she preaches. She has over one million followers across the board on social media; loyal fans by the name of LOXSmiths. What Mahogany understands, and older generations of pop stars may not totally grasp, is the importance of social media in engaging with your fans on deeper personal connection. LOXSmiths get a glimpse into the brain of Mahogany Lox with everything from her YouTube makeup tutorials to hilarious vines. Yes, it’s all just on a digital screen but this is Mahogany’s world to which she owes all her success. “Social media is so amazing and I have to be so thankful for it,” Mahogany said.

But the road to stardom doesn’t mean Mahogany’s forgetting about the fans who have been with her since her very first YouTube videos “I just want all my LOXSmiths to feel like they’re with me one hundred percent and not feel like I left them behind…the most important thing is that they’re happy.” Her latest video “Boom”, also a contender for our fave summer anthem, is another one for the fans. “I just want people who listen to my music to be happy and dance or just to feel something,” Mahogany said.

What’s next for Mahogany? Another DigiFest performance in July and hopefully a slew of concerts to come. As for everything else on the horizon, you can expect it to be like anything Mahogany Lox creates, “sparkly, excited and colorful.”

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