From Makeup Chair To A Girls Night Out, Spend A Day In Model Claudia Dean’s Life

Claudia Dean gave us a glimpse into a day in the life of an international model. It’s filled with glamour, checking Instagram, and eating pizza. If that doesn’t sound much different from your own day-to-day, read on to find out what makes modeling the most fun career, like…ever.

I wake up at 8AM!!

My first thought is my man!

I’m feeling HAPPY (as always), so I wear black high waisted jeans, a black turtle neck, my vintage denim jacket and flat thigh high boots.

By 9AM, I head to work. In the car I’m blasting Kanye West!  

My morning is spent in the makeup chair struggling to stay awake!

Lunch is on set. I try to steer away from carbs and wash it down with a green tea while I scroll through my social media checking out on what I’ve missed from that morning!

My afternoon is spent in front of the camera!

I finish the day with a sweaty subway ride home then it’s time to greet my French bulldog, Gilbert, at my front door!!

Before I head out for the night, I power nap and drink a glass of wine (or 3).

Tonight’s event is dinner, drinks and dancing with the girls and I’m looking forward to unwinding after a long week, so I wear thigh high boots, an over sized slogan T-shirt, and a denim jacket

I get back home at 4AM, decompress with a pizza and copious amounts of water (for the hangover), and it’s lights out by 4.30 AM!

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