From Street To Sleep, Alexis Mera Shows You How To Wear Loungewear All Day Long


The tee shirt of our dreams can be worn with jeans or as a dress, is soft as a cloud, and magically never wrinkles or gets stained with salsa. And Alexis Mera has designed just that (well, maybe not the part about being salsa-resistant), plus an entire line of versatile pieces that can be worn from the gym, to work, to school, to the club. The mantra is  simple and easy, clean pieces that can be styled tons of different ways for any and every event in your life. Wearing the same shirt to the club (as a dress) as you did with jeans for daytime is always a yes in our book. Read our interview with Alexis, all about styling up loungewear, her collection, and going to dinner in just a bra… Hey, “athleisure” is trendy, right?


What’s the most versatile piece in your collection that can be worn for any occasion?

Our most versatile piece is our Dorchester T-Shirt Dress.  It can be paired with leggings and sneakers or even over jeans.  Wear it alone with sneakers as well, or throw on a skinny belt and heels and you can wear it out.  It also makes for a great beach cover up, and of course it’s super comfy to wear to bed!   

What is it about the modern age that makes loungewear as outerwear necessary?

Modern women are moms, executives, mentors, wives, athletes, etc…  In our busy lives, we don’t have time to change in and out of every outfit to take us from our homes, to the gym, work, and social events.  Women want clothing to serve various  purposes.  That’s what Alexis Mera is all about! Our pieces can be worn sleep-to-street, day-to-night, and weekday-to-weekend.  Our minimalist and clean silhouettes layer in very easily with a woman’s existing wardrobe.      

Does this mean I can go to dinner in just my bra? How could I do that and get away with it?

I’m not sure I would suggest that, but hey, if you have the balls (or should I say the boobs) to go to dinner in just a bra, more power to you! We’d go for a sporty-influenced bralette ourselves and pair it with an open knit cardigan, our Cortelyou Jogger Pants and heels for a chic athleisure look.

Lace is so cute but it can get itchy, especially for lingerie! How do you get around that?

Currently all of our pieces are made from Jersey Knits, Micro Modal and Supima Cotton – all light as a feather and naturally cozy next to the skin.

Who are your lingerie icons?

Alexa Chung is my style icon.  I love that you can tell she’s just being herself and not trying to fit the mold.

How can you go out in pajamas without being called lazy?

Some of our most memorable and special moments happen in our pajamas, with the people we care about most!  We’re all for wearing PJs out.  Get creative and pair your jammies with some cool sneakers or ankle booties and hit the road! Just don’t forget your red lipstick!   

Honestly, what’s the longest you’ve ever gone without changing your underwear? 

I think the better question is how long have I gone without wearing any underwear…only myself and my husband know the answer to that….

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