From Scream Queens To A Dsquared Campaign, The Rhodes Bros Are Taking Over

In 2014, Ohio born fraternal twins Aaron and Austin Rhodes started their own Youtube channel. Their channel (The Rhodes Bros), full of weekly vlogs about their takes on fashion, dating and life, grew much quicker than expected. How? Both brothers chose to tell their coming out story over a phone call with their father…on camera. Within weeks, the emotional video received 21 million views and captured the attention of celebrities and big time press across America. Since the channel now has over 415,000 subscribers, the Rhodes brothers decided to move to Los Angeles in hopes of taking over the entertainment industry. And their move was well worth it! They are currently on the hit show, Scream Queenswith the second episode having aired on FOX just last night. From Scream Queens to a new campaign with Dsquared, we chatted with Aaron and Austin Rhodes about their lives as vloggers, actors and models.

Galore Mag The Rhodes Bros

1. What is your favorite memory from filming Scream Queens?

Our favorite memory from set was hanging out with the cast and crew. Specifically, we got to have a conversation with Jamie Lee Curtis and she gave us valuable lessons about our career and the industry.

2. Are the characters you play anything like the real you?

Our characters do reflect our personalities. Austin is more shy and reserved and I’m more outgoing.

3. Have you ever been a part of a sorority in real life? Would you ever be a part of Greek Life?

No, we moved straight to LA after we graduated. If we went to college, we would want to be in a fraternity. It would be fun!

4. What did you do the night Scream Queens premiered?

We watched it with our close friends.

5. What can we look forward to this season on Scream Queens?

A lot of laughs, a lot of one liners and some unexpected twists.

6. What else are y’all working on at the moment?

We are continuing to work on and grow our Youtube channel. We are also exploring other opportunities with the industry.

7. Your coming out story launched you as big Youtube stars. What made you decide to share that video so publicly?

We wanted to start off the new year being our true authentic selfs. Our Youtube channel allowed us to have a platform to share our story with our viewers.

8.Do you have a special memory or story with a fan of yours that you helped through that Youtube video?

One of our fans wrote us the nicest letter. He told us that he watched our videos to help him overcome difficult situations in his life. It touched us so much that we flew to Ohio and surprised him. Actually, we filmed a video with him and it’s on our channel.

9. What other kinds of videos can people look forward to on your Youtube channel?

We are going to start focusing a lot more on fashion. We actually teamed up with Dsquared for a campaign and it really inspired us to try something outside of our comfort zones.

10. Is there advice you can share with our readers?!

Live your truth.


Checkout The Rhodes Bros Youtube Channel HERE.

Galore Mag The Rhodes Bros
Galore Mag The Rhodes Bros
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