From Kicking Back To Kickboxing, Here’s The Best Ways To Celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you know what that means: let’s celebrate how great it is to have boobs! We’re not talking about showing off your goods in the skimpiest top possible (but if that’s your jam, go right ahead). We’ve gathered the most fun breast-centric events of the month, which will let you show support for survivors and help raise money for breast cancer research. There’s something for everyone: exercise, parties, shopping events, the list is endless. Grab your mom, your grandma, your friends, and have fun in the name of finding a cure. Don’t forget to wear pink!

  1. Hit up Drive For The Cure 300

If you happen to be in North Carolina on October 10th, head over to the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord to watch the longest NASCAR, most awesome stock car race in history. Drive For The Cure 300 is a yearly stock car race hosted by Blue Cross to raise awareness about the disease. And it’s super festive: yesterday, a hundred survivors teamed up to paint the Speedway’s walls bubblegum pink in celebration.

2. Run A 5k

Wherever you are, there’s sure to be a charity race or marathon taking place. But if you’re in Panama City Beach, FL, their 5k is especially exciting because it has a “neon” theme. You can break out your old party clothes from 2011 and take them for a jog. Plus, it’s a great workout.

3. Attend A Costume Party

On October 17th in Hollywood, you can take your Halloween costume for a test drive at the Halloween Hotness 2.0 Costume Party at the Roosevelt Hotel. There’s will be a full bar, a ton of celebrities, and even a “dating auction”, so if your breast cancer survivor grandma is tragically single, this is the event for her. It’s not exactly clear how exactly Halloween Hotness benefits breast cancer, but the invite says it’s dedicated to raising awareness, and when you can get lit and support a good cause at the same time, why ask too many questions?

4. Kickbox For A Cure

If running isn’t your thing, you can still support while getting some aerobic exercise. Kickboxing Champion Jim Graden will be running a 90 minute kickboxing/ martial arts marathon for those of you lucky enough to be in Florida on October 24th. A measly $10 donation is required for entry, and of course, those proceeds go right to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

5. Get Fitted For A Bra

I always vaguely wanted to get an official bra fitting, but I’ve never actually been motivated enough to head down to Victoria’s Secret to do the deed. Apparently, most women have “no idea” what their bra size really is, and their boobs are suffering for it. If there’s a perfect time to remedy this problem, it’s now. Throughout the month in various NYC department stores, Wacoal Intimates will be giving out complimentary bra fittings to any lady who wants one. Wacoal will donate $2 to the NBCF for every woman fitted, and your breasts will thank you.

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