From First Phones To First Dates, We Talk Growing Up With Justine Skye

Purple haired, Brooklyn-raised Justine Skye is building a buzz around her music. The R&B singer didn’t only find success from her sultry tunes, but from her large following on social media. She’s known as the Purple Unicorn on the internet, inspiring others to reach for their dreams, in style. Backed by a major label, Justine still finds time to respond to her devoted fans–that’s why people love her. From first phones to first dates, we asked the ever-so-honest Justine to reflect on growing up.

Galore Mag Justine Skye

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What was your first date like?

My dad used to chaperone when I was younger! For my first date, he took my boyfriend and I to the movies. Looking back on it, it was super weird [LAUGHS].

Do you remember what you wore to your first dance?

My middle school only allowed 8th graders to attend the school dance, but when I was in 6th grade I snuck in! In Brooklyn everybody dresses super casual for dances, so I didn’t wear anything crazy.

In middle school did you listen to TLC or Destiny’s Child more?

I probably listened to Destiny’s Child more!

What was your favorite childhood book?

A Series Of Unfortunate Events was always my favorite. It’s so good.

What was your first AIM screen name?

I was obsessed with Hello Kitty! It was definitely something about that.

When did you get your first cell phone?

My dad got me my first phone when I was 8 years old. It was a flip phone!

Did your parents regulate your relationship to the internet?

My mom didn’t necessarily regulate it, but when my social media grew I think she was surprised! I don’t know if she understood how significant my big number of ‘followers’ really was at the time.

Your first rap verse on a Justine Skye track came from Vic Mensa! What was the process of working on “I’m Yours” with him?

I had written the song without the intention of a rap verse being on it, but then Vic heard it and liked it. When he added his verse, I was actually surprised because I didn’t even think he knew who I was. We’re super tight now, so it was a really easy and cool process.

Galore Mag Justine Skye

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Galore Mag Justine Skye

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Black Lickorish Latex Bodysuit & Nicholas Jebran Jacket

Galore Mag Justine Skye

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