From Bionic Arms To Caitlyn Jenner, 9 Unmissable New York Fashion Week Debuts

New York Fashion Week may still be a week away, but with so much to be excited about this year, it’s hard not to get antsy. From the debut collections of Instagram sensation The Fat Jewish and our favorite OC girl Lauren Conrad to the fact that Givenchy is opening its doors to the public for the first time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 unmissable New York Fashion Week debuts.

1. The Fat Jewish Gives Fashion A Go

Even though Joshua Ostrovsky, better known as The Fat Jewish, has relatively no fashion experience, that’s not stopping MADE studios from giving him an opportunity to try his hand at delivering some original content for a change. On September 16, all eyes will be on The Fat – I mean, Ostrovsky, to see exactly what his collection, which he describes as “an eclectic collection of apparel” which celebrates “the moods and personalities of dads of all ages,” is all about. Expect to laugh. A lot. And remember to smile – you may just wind up on Instagram.

2. Madeline Stuart Makes It Big

Ever since we first heard about Madeline, an 18-year-old with Down Syndrome who lost 45 pounds in order to pursue her dream of being a professional model, we’ve been crossing our fingers that her hard work would pay off. And even though she already has several national campaigns under her belt, now that she’s making her NYFW debut, it looks like she’s finally made it. On September 13, Madeline will stomp it out for FTL Moda, and we can’t wait to see her crush it.

3. Carrie Underwood Gets Physical

Even though you probably had no idea that Carrie was even into fashion, the country singer is so proud of her collaboration with DICK’s Sporting Goods that she decided NYFW just had to see it. Calia by Carrie Underwood features a range of comfortable, chic activewear at a price (almost) everyone can afford (paying $85 for a pair of yoga pants seems a little steep to me, but hey, if I was an American Idol, I’d probably think that was a bargain too). And watch out, because apparently Carrie has a surprise announcement for all of her guests…is somebody trying to pull the first Beyonce for country music?

4. Get Ready To Meet The Bionic Model

Rebekah Marine was born without a right forearm, and so naturally, all her life people told her that modeling just wasn’t going to happen. However, the haters were wrong. On September 13, Rebekah will join Madeline in the FTL Moda show, showing everybody that disabilities don’t hold you back, they just make you tougher.

5. Macy’s Turns NYFW Into A TV Special

After years of being told, “no, girl, fashion week is just for the designers,” department store giant Macy’s is finally getting in on the action – and they’re doing it on TV. Closing out fashion week, “Macy’s Presents Fashion’s First Row” is going to be…good, probably. Featuring 150 outfits from noted fashion designers like Heidi Klum and Ryan Seacrest, the event has been called “an intersection of music and fashion,” so obviously, you know it’s going to be fun. Literally. Nate Ruess is going to be there. Oh, and all proceeds from the event are going towards Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and the Council of Fashion Designers of America, so you have to pretend you think it’s a good idea.

6.  Lauren Conrad Takes New York

Lauren Conrad may have recently come out as being “pretty basic” to Cosmopolitan, but that hasn’t stopped the 29-year-old from making her dream of showing at NYFW come true. Partnering with Kohl’s, the ex-reality TV star has been designed a collection that’s a little more “luxe than the norm,” which is probably code for ‘the shirts look like they cost more than $15”. No shade though, this is a big day for the girl who couldn’t get over Stephen and dropped out of fashion school just because.

7. NYFW Moves To Midtown…And To SoHo

So you know how when your parents get divorced you suddenly have to spend your time going back and forth between two houses?  Yeah, well NYFW is kind of going to be like that this year.  After the Supreme Court of New York State ruled that Lincoln Center couldn’t legally house the festival because it’s actually a public park, NYFW was forced to say goodbye to mommy/daddy and say hello to Skylight at Moynihan Station and Skylight Clarkson Sq. Will it be confusing? Yes. Will there be tears? Yes. Will there be double the fashion and double the celebrities? Yes and yes. Not all change is bad.

8. Givenchy Mixes With The Public

Okay, so Givenchy is an established fashion house, but this show is a debut for them in every way. First of all, Givenchy doesn’t show in New York. Givenchy shows in Paris. But to celebrate the launch of their new 4,000-square-foot flagship store on Madison Avenue, Riccardo Tisci decided to bring the show to New York, and to make matters even more exciting, he decided to open the doors to the GENERAL PUBLIC. On Wednesday morning, 820 tickets were released on a first come first serve basis. Although these plebeians will be forced to watch the show from a separate, raised viewing platform, it’s still a revolutionary move for such an established fashion house.

9. Caitlyn Jenner Struts Her Stuff

So right now it’s just a rumor, but if what this inside says is true then Caitlyn Jenner could be walking for Givenchy on the 11th. But then again, she also may not. You know women, aways changing their damn minds. According to the unnamed source, “she feels a huge responsibility to the transgender community and is a little nervous about the backlash she could get by doing a fashion show.” Fingers crossed she decides to pull a Kendall and strut her stuff…after all, there are going to be a lot of regular people there. Caitlyn couldn’t have a more welcoming audience.



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