Is The Friend Zone An End Zone?


The other weekend I was catching up with an old friend I hadn’t seen in some time, and he said to me “Ashley, you’ve got so many guys in the friend zone that it’s sad to watch.”

I couldn’t deny or defend myself to this statement at all because I know in my heart that it’s 100% true. I have a ton of guy friends, some of whom I occasionally have platonic sleepovers with, many of whom I affectionately call “bae,” but still don’t actually sleep with.

The friend zone is a place where nobody really wants to be. We’ve dedicated countless funny Internet memes to the friend zone, and even dubbed characters from our favorite shows as eternally in the friend zone (Don’t forget Gordo from Lizzie McGuire did get a kiss on the check that one time!)

However, lots of us remain in the friend zone, girls and guys. Why? Because we’re hoping that one day, said friend will either: a) realize that their true love has been in front of them the whole time, or b) has had too many tequila shots and we finally get them in bed. (Although I feel like option b happens much more often than than a).

Guys can hate on girls for keeping them in the friend zone, and while some girls can certainly abuse the privilege, I think this is partly bullshit.

In essence, this is basically saying that my friendship is meaningless until I put out for some dude. That it’s my duty to suck his dick because he’s being nice to me, or else I’m a bitch for keeping him “in the friend zone.”


When did being someone’s friend become such a bad thing?!

Hell, being in the friend zone doesn’t (always) mean you’re unattractive. I’ve put guys I used to hook up with in the friend zone, and not because the sex wasn’t good, but because I didn’t see things going anywhere and would rather stay friends.

On the contrary, I think that most girls are more likely to sleep with someone that has been in the friend zone. A friend is someone you are comfortable with, and therefore makes a good potential sex partner. Sure, sometimes friendships horribly crash and burn because one secretly loves the other…but don’t the majority of our favorite movies revolve around two friends becoming lovers?

Sure, if you’re best friend is Kate Upton and you have to watch those beautiful tits bounce around on the daily while she complains that all the guys she dates suck, I feel for you. But the friend zone is not an end zone, and regardless of if you’ll ever get to put your face between those titties- you’re still best friends with Kate Upton.

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