Fresh Off Bangerz Tour, Dani Elliott Steps Into The Spotlight

Dani Elliott has a good story about the moment she decided to become a singer. “Apparently, I walked onto the podium at church when I was two and took the mic out of my mom’s hand as she was singing during a service and took over for her,” she said. “So I guess if that wasn’t a definitive moment I’m not really sure what is.”

Since then, the Nashville-based songstress has spent years touring with the best of the best—she’s backed up MIA, The Roots, White Prism, Sheryl Crow, Stevie Wonder, and most recently, Miley Cyrus on the Bangerz Tour. With her new single, “The Best Part”, Dani’s stepping into the spotlight. Listen up to her new single, and get to know the woman behind the music—how many girls do you know that proposed to their husband?

ON WRITING HER FIRST SINGLE: I was playing around on my guitar and came up with this pulsing kind of loop that ended up laying the groundwork for the song, at least acoustically. After I came up with that, the lyrical content came from me perpetually proposing to my now husband! He’s a methodical kind of dude and I’m kind of impulsive, so obviously when it came to something like marriage, he needed a little more time to adjust to the idea than I did. I mean, I knew what I wanted! So “The Best Part” was really born from a place of me wanting to assure him that I understood the depth and seriousness of the commitment but also how amazing it would be for us to share that together. It worked! I’m just generally excited for anyone outside of our house to hear it!


      “I think the most important way I learned to sing was by living in New York.”


ON LEARNING TO SING:  First, from my parents. Both of them are very musical and my Dad used to be a professional musician and was the worship leader in our church when I was a kid. Later on, I got into musical theatre and took some voice lessons kind of on that tip, and then applied to college as an opera major and got a lot of technique from studying that. Then I decided I didn’t want to do theatre or opera and went to The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music and got my degree in Jazz Voice…not the most practical major but it really helped to connect me to singing while playing piano and I started songwriting there. I think the most important way I learned to sing was by living in New York. You can get swept up trying to make any kind of living to survive there, a lot of which doesn’t end up coming from making music, or if it does, it might not necessarily be the type of music you want to play, so every time I ended up playing I think there was a sense of desperation that kind of grew in me to really pour everything I had into every opportunity I had to sing. In turn, I think that was the best learning experience I could’ve asked for because it made me grateful to sing.
BEAUTY MUST-HAVES: Oh man, there’s a lot. This is what usually tips my luggage onto the overweight scale every time I fly. I change my products a lot but always some kind of organic face cleanser, night time moisturizer, and SPF. If it’s not organic, I just don’t want it to have a bunch of fake shit in it. I think you can really feel and see the difference when you’re using good for you/the environment products, versus cheap, fake ones. I also love my Clarisonic and Kiehl’s Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Mask. Especially when I’ve been flying a lot or are on a bus tour when you don’t get to take care of your skin that well. If we get a day room, I take advantage of it and go to town on my skin. Also, I love to have at least one good perfume on me to make me feel like a woman on the road. I’ve been using Joy by JoyRich. It’s got a nice clean, fresh smell, which is essential when touring with lots of boys on a bus that’s not well ventilated…
GET TO KNOW HER FAMILY: My family is insanely supportive. I say insanely because I think my parents believe in what I’m doing more than I do sometimes, and I’ve often questioned their sanity for encouraging me to make music for a living and my sanity for actually following through with it.
THE SONGS THAT MAKE HER HAPPY: Anything that comes out of Stevie Wonder’s mouth.
WHAT YOU’D NEVER GUESS: I think people generally think I’m kind of sunshine-y, and I guess I generally can be, but when shit gets real, I’m the one that’s saying exactly what’s on my mind. I don’t shy away from confrontation if it ends up finding me. I think New York did that to me, and honestly, I’m proud it.

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