These fresh 2018 trends work for women with office jobs

If you work at a place where your clothes are supposed to be “appropriate,” dressing in a way that’s not boring can be a challenge.

You can’t wear crop tops, cute shoes or most shirts with cutouts, so what are you supposed to do? We asked Dana Persico, the founder and CEO of the Long Island Nail and Skin Care Institute, for her pro tips. These are the trends she highlighted that are fresh as hell for 2018 but also work-friendly.

1. Tailored pants and pencil skirts


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The runways have been awash with suiting for the past few seasons. Dana and her pal, the designer Kobi Halperin, agree that they’re only getting bigger this year.

“What stands out most in my mind is the conversation we had about the black tailored pants that I was wearing,” Dana says. “I was complimented, and we discussed how much of a huge trend my tailored pants and pencil skirts would be this season… We had a few good laughs about skinny jeans, as I and everyone else can relate, but more so agreed that it is such a breath of fresh air that tailored pants for women are going to be a big trend.”

This trend isn’t just big because it looks chic. It also reflects the current sociopolitical moment in time.

“This season, Prada dominated their catwalk with an inspiring message of women’s empowerment at their Spring/Summer 2018 runway show featuring classic masculine looks with ultra-feminine twists,” Dana says. “Hence the return of the feminine staples; the pencil skirt and tailored pants. These two wardrobe essentials are always welcome upon their arrival because they surpass time stamps & trends.”

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2. The ice cream pastel palette

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Dark colors head-to-toe will always be a staple. But the craze for ultra-serious color schemes has ended. Now, it’s all about injecting some fun into your wardrobe in the form of color. This is super easy to incorporate into an office-friendly wardrobe, since it’s easier to play with colors than silhouettes if you have to worry about modesty.

“Ice cream pastels are rising,” Dana says. “This refreshing and oh-so-satisfying pastel color trend can be so easily layered and the pastels naturally complement each other without any effort or thinking required.”

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3. The refined jumpsuit

If you’re sick of your regular trousers-and-cute-top work clothes routine, find a jumpsuit. They’re not going anywhere.

“The refined jumpsuit is practical yet polished with its sophisticated silhouettes and versatility,” Dana says. “You can dress them up or down, and they’re perfect for all occasions.”

4. Fringe

Cowgirl-inspired duds might not fly in every office, but finding a work-friendly top, shoe or bag with a hint of fringe will definitely up your style game without making it too risqué.

“This accent will be across all the top brands in 2018,” Dana says, adding, “Be careful to fringe lightly.”


With these tips in mind, go forth and conquer your internship, new job or even just a meeting with your professor. Just don’t forget to dress for the job you want.

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