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At Galore, we love a woman with both beauty and brains. Who might be the perfect combination of the two? Frankie Mark of course. This model and photographer extraordinaire exudes talent in both of her professions. Not to mention, she has a beautiful soul to match her stunning self AND her stunning art. We decided to learn a little more about the way she works and the way she thinks. Read our interview below!


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You’re both a model AND a photographer. How has your experience as a model benefited your photography and vice versa?

Photography came into my life so unexpectedly. Just how the best kind of love happens, it was unexpected and spontaneous. It seems as though the night you don’t want to go out, you meet the love of your life at dinner. For me, it was breaking my thumb and not being able to be in front of the camera. That’s when my passion and love for Photography found me. But it made perfect sense! It was almost like my entire life thus far had been training me for that moment of being behind the camera. From having my first mentor, the amazing Photographer Miko Lim (who I met because of modeling), to the beautiful girls that I was surrounded by, my life has now become full of muses! It’s a bit easier to be able to direct the models to get what I want, or even know when to shut up and let them do their thing. I can also share my clothes with the girls haha! One time I took my shirt off for Gizele Oliveira because we needed a black top for her. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.    

Now when I’m in front of the camera, I appreciate all the behind the scenes work that goes into making a photograph so much more. I am more aware of how much effort goes into putting everything together and I respect the technical aspect of it all. I enjoy being a part of the big picture, but now it’s hard for me not to try and help out during production!! Waiting around is a bit boring for me, always has been. 

How has social media helped your photography?

Social media has been great in the way that I can instantly share my photographs.  There’s no excuse for waiting until someone else chooses to show case your work and I really like that. My friend Emily Ratajkowski was voted Woman of the Year by Esquire Magazine in 2013 and they used a photo I took of her that they found on Instragram!!

When you think of a story you’d like to shoot, do you envision the beauty & makeup aspect as well? 

Yes, I definitely think a lot about the make up. But to be honest, I love the natural look! I’m not a big fan of too much make up. But damn, I do love a good Sophia Loren wing tip on the eye or some 60’s bombshell hair.   

Does your personal aesthetic translate into your photographs or is it a separate version of yourself?

My style and photography are both quite simple and effortless. Less is more is definitely my motto! Since spending time in LA, I’ve tried to add a little color to my NYC wardrobe of blackness. Well, I’ve added white. I mean it’s a color, right?  😉

Beauty and brains are rare! What are your secret skin savers for flawless skin?

Washing your face properly is so important, that includes toner too! I’m obsessed with moisturizing. Staying hydrated is key. And I can’t live without my RoseBud Lip Balm in strawberry flavor – kiss ready always. Sunscreen all day! Oh, SMILING, because that’s when you look the most beautiful.   

Where do you usually pull inspiration for shoots? Where do you look for it? What motivates you? 

I find inspiration all around me. I’m pretty blessed to be surrounded by friends who are all so talented. They are creative dreamers who act as real go-getters and they make $hit happen. Love inspires me. Nineties supermodels are my favorite. Nature inspires me with all of its perfect beauty: sunsets, sunrises, and the ocean are where I find the most peace. Music and dancing!!! Driving and getting lost with my friends – wanderlust. 

There’s quite a few things that motivate me, but LOVE is at the core of it all. I live for the possibility of making someone feel good or helping someone to make their own dreams come true. I am grateful for the unconditional love and support my family gives me, for being alive, for getting to know myself, and for the opportunity to leave something positive behind at the end of each journey. I’m driven by my two little nieces, Cassie and Chloe. I guess I’m inspired by whatever pulls at my heart strings.  

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Frankie Mark

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