Frank Ocean Is Finally Gracing Us With His Presence Again

It has been three long, hard, and tortuous years since Frank Ocean released his debut album Channel Orange, that was, frankly, a masterpiece of pop infused r&b. After dropping his album and getting all of us hooked on his slightly sad, slightly chill ethos, Frank Ocean decided to hold out on all of us and sit back for the next three years without releasing much new music at all, let alone a new album. The wait for new material from Frank had gotten so arduous it became somewhat of a meme in and of itself on social media platforms like twitter and tumblr, where people would frequently post images like the ones below.


But low and behold, this week out Frank has decided to drop not one, but two bombs on us that have us rejoicing that the man is finally back in our lives in a very tangible way. On Monday, Frank Ocean posted this image on his tumblr, which then lead to reports of a new album being released in July entitled “Boys Don’t Cry”.



Now, earlier today, James Blake announced that Frank Ocean will be joining him on his 1-800 Dinosaur tour. The only problem for us? The tour isn’t happening stateside. Never the less, for those of all who thought that Frank Ocean may have been dipping out of the music industry permanently based on his extra long absence, we’re happy to see that he’s back in our lives…that is until the next time he decides to drop off the face of the earth again.

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