France Just Banned Underweight Models – WBU?


High end designers and their runway shows are always catching flack for being, a bit, shall we say, one dimensional. As in, the models are closer to 2D than 3D size. When was the last time you saw a girl over 130 lbs on the runway? Perhaps never. Well, now the French runways will be featuring models who are closer to regular sized. The government has banned dangerously underweight models from appearing in runway shows because they promote unhealthy body ideals for girls who are not naturally that thin, who may then resort to diet extremes. This means, no model can have a BMI less than 18, which is the medical designation for an underweight female. If designers don’t follow the rules, they will have to pay 75,000 euros (around the price of one of those dresses they design). If this move is supposed to save the uglies (joking), then it’s not really gonna be effective because the models will still be gorgeous beyond human measure. But, baby steps.

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