What Would Kate Moss Do At Coachella? FOXIEDOX Tells Us

Whether you’re a ruthless heartbreaker, “hotmis” (hot + miserable), unapologetically sexy, or irresistibly charismatic, FOXIEDOX has a garment for you. They make clothes for the modern bombshell, someone every Galore Girl can relate to, and they live by the bombshells-rule-everything motto. Their most recent collection, inspired by the ever-so-perfect Kate Moss, is full of garments for your daytime tea sesh, Soho House lunch date, or even festival fashion party while you’re sippin’ on your gin and tonic. We decided to chat with FOXIEDOX about life with Kate Moss as their spirit animal and even got some tips on what the supermodel would wear and do for festival season. Check it out below, and keep it all in mind while you’re enjoying your shi shi cig at Coachella this weekend!

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What makes Kate Moss your spirit animal?

We all have a cool, sexy, effortless “I don’t give a…” meow vixen lingering inside all of us. But some live by this principal unknowingly, naturally aimlessly roaming the streets like a badass b. Kate is the perfect muse because her natural being defies the status quo and this is only done when all guards are down and you truly do you. Her curious yet defiant personality makes her the troublemaking, fun loving lassie we love. She seduces without trying. She strikes the perfect balance between coarse and refined. She’s powerful and vulnerable. She’s glamorous and outlandish but vintage scrappy with girl next-door vibes all at the same time. She’s dynamic. She’s well mannered and badly behaved, and her antics fascinate. Sunglasses on, head down, dirty looks ready in the tank, Kate will always be our ultimate muse.

I remember Kate being quoted saying she just dresses in the most convenient outfit for every circumstance. How does that translate into the Foxiedox brand?

Convenience in dressing is only noticeable when there was zero effort put into your look but it’s killing it. I know, it’s an oxymoron. But it’s the truth. A Kate look wouldn’t be complete without the relaxed factor. FOXIEDOX was made to have a good time, so ease in dressing is key. Nothing should be forced. FOXIEDOX girls don’t chase. FOXIEDOX caters to the lifestyle of our millennial girl. Dressing for any circumstance whether it be up or down, should first and foremost be fun. Whatever the occasion may be the FOXIEDOX girl is somehow always looking conveniently sexy.

Give us an example! How would Kate do Coachella?

If Kate’s packing for Coachella she’s definitely got a pair of tiny Daisy Duke hotpants, a cow hide top, leather jacket to thrown over with a thin silk scarf and a pair of ultra sleek leather studded combat boots. 90s Kate would be rocking a massive floor draping headpiece gifted to her by the chief tribal member of some super endangered tribe while nonchalantly wearing a chiffon see through ankle length spaghetti strap dress, and her black panties.

Is there anything that only Kate could pull off that no one else really can? Or is it all about pulling off only what you and no one else can? 

Here at FOXIEDOX, we believe pulling it off is all about just letting it go. It’s personal. It’s about breaking what others may consider as rules, but in actuality you’re just keeping it real. It’s not about being a fashion victim, it’s about celebrating yourself. Cause you gotta risk it to get it biscuit 😉

Is it possible to be Kate/ Foxiedox with a capsule wardrobe? What are the essential pieces?

A Kate meets FOXIEDOX capsule wardrobe is a FOXIE wet dream. The essential pieces in the collection would be a fire engine red mini lace dress, a super oversized kimono sleeve cropped jacket, a subtle yet felineness ice leopard print for those super long, flowey, floor sweeping pieces. And last but not least a short suede dress with crazy fringes dangling from the hem and sleeves and oh of course- a kick ass Cocaine Cowboys meets Grease Lightening suede jacket finished with the ice leopard print lining.

Interview By Stephanie Janetos

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