Four Fall Fashions That We Are Tired of Seeing

Every year, when fall comes around there are a few things that all girls seem to get excited for. Pumpkin spice lattes (those are already out now, despite 100 degree temperatures), changing leaves (not that we have those in the city) and fall fashion. Fall fashion is arguably the most exciting time of year for clothing, but there are a few things that seem to crop up every year around this time. Here are the fall fashions that we are getting just a bit tired of seeing time and time again.

Suede Boots
Over the knee brown suede boots. Has there ever been anything more boring? If you’re going to wear a pair of suede boots at least make sure they have a weird looking pointy toe or a bright orange color that borders on obnoxious- please, stop with the soccer mom brown.

Chunky Sweaters
We love a good chunky fisherman sweater- so comfortable, so toasty in the crisp fall weather. But there has to be something more than the usual over sized cable knit out there. Last year’s studs were good but what can we expect for this year? Perhaps a cropped sweater, bringing the excitement with a strip of stomach? A gothic skull printed on the front? Let’s get creative this season people.

We used to love flannel… and then it became the logo of every hipster ever to attend a concert in Brooklyn. Rip Flannel.

The fact that they were worn well into the summer made this popular accessory just a bit over done. You don’t need a beanie when it’s 90 degrees out. You just don’t.

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