Founders of For Love & Lemons: Two Bosses Are Better Than One

For Love & Lemons founders and designers, Gillian Rose Kern & Laura Hall talk to us about how they feel about being in charge and their beautiful new collection!


Photography by Patrick Maus

Seeing as you’re a boss, what do you think of the word bossy- own it or not?
We are definitely not the “bossy” types we don’t think being bossy is the way to handle a business or employees, but we do think that in order to be a boss you need to own it! Somebody has to step up to make stuff happen!

5 women you think are bad ass:

1. Nancy Hall (Laura’s mom). She runs a force of firefighters, you don’t mess with mama Hall.

2. Khaleesi- Mother of Dragons and a hot blonde- teach us your ways!

3. Marissa Mayer- She is the CEO of Yahoo, she is one smart cookie and boss to an army of men.

4. Beyonce- I mean do we need to say much more.

5. Angelina Jolie- From sexy badass ball buster in movies to mother of 6 and still owning it- that is boss.

Why did you start For Love and Lemons?
We had a strong vision for what we wanted to create and wear that we couldn’t find anywhere else, so we worked really hard and raised enough money from our waitressing jobs to get it off the ground! It all has to start somewhere! We wouldn’t trade it for anything else, it was our destiny!

Where did the name come from?
We have been best friends since we were wee little ones. We used to have lemonade stands, so we joke that we have been in business since the lemonade stands, and we are best friends so its all a big happy family of love!

Sexiest thing in the new collection:
Well the SKIVVIES collection is all sexy so it is hard to pick just one, but one of our favorite pieces this season is “Vanity Strappy Bralette”. It is bondagy and sheer with scallop lace in all the right places. A must have for fall to wear under sheer garments. I am also in LOVE with our “Vanity Robe”- it is so delicate, gorgeous, and sheer. It’s a piece to where around the house and make your man feel like one lucky guy!

Do you think it’s tougher getting to where you are than your male equivalents?
Honestly, no! If anything it helps that we are women and work with a lot of men that we can put under our spell.

Do you bring your boss-ness and dominate personally into other parts of your life, like the bedroom?
Don’t be ridiculous. Now get down on your knees and beg 🙂

Do you think you intimidate people around you?
If we do, it’s not intentional. When running a business, you need to be forward and know what you want.

What’s something you’re really proud of so far?
For Love & Lemons! It’s our baby that we have watched grow and blossom and turn into something we really really love and want to continue to make even better. And we are really proud that we have stayed best friends through everything


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