Former Playboy Model Helena Antonaccio on Mansion Life Back Then

Former Playboy model and current ageless pinup Helena Antonaccio has turned her passion for sexuality into a business. With a new book out on Amazon and a passion for modeling that translates into her photographs, Antonaccio talked to us about Playboy, pinup modeling and being sexy at any age.


How did you get into pinup modeling?
I moved to New York and I applied for a job at the Playboy club. Back then they would always photograph the new bunnies and the photographer at the time asked if I wanted to be a centerfold. 3 weeks later I was flown to the mansion where I stayed for one month.

What was your experience with Playboy?
It was a dreamworld! Especially when you are young and you have maids and butlers and limos to take you anywhere, it is an absolute fantasy world. I especially remember the kitchen which was always open and you were always able to request anything you wanted.

What is sexy to you?
Honestly, being a woman is so fantastic because we have such beautiful bodies. I would say putting on a pair of high heels automatically makes me feel sexier.

Favorite experience with Playboy:
I loved that back then we didn’t even have makeup artists for photoshoots so it was just me and the photographer. It was very relaxed, it was never such a big production.

Who are your inspirations?
When I am in front of the camera I just go into this fantasy world. It is all a fantasy, you are really not baring your soul. No one seeing you knows you, they are just connecting with the outer covering. My thing was always to flirt with the photographer, which was always comfortable because again it wasn’t really me. I think a lot about what I look like, knowing my best angles and having music in the background definitely helps too.

Advice for being sexy at any age:
On my website I still post all my photos but they are obviously more PG now. I am a pinup, I pose for photographers in England and New York. It’s still my job and I still love it.

How did you turn your sexuality into a brand?
I went online! That really helped, I’ve kept in touch with people over the years and taken a lot of their advice. My photographer has been with me forever and we did a pinup coffee table book recently which is now on Amazon.

What’s next?
My passion has always been health and nutrition so I am thinking of exploring that more. Never stop yourself from dreaming. If you have passion you will be successful, the universe gives it back to you and I really believe that.


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