Flirting Techniques That Will Not Get You Laid

Ladies, we have to admit, we give guys a lot of grief about their flirting techniques. But then again, the shit that some of them say really warrants all of our teasing, doesn’t it? As much as we may love to laugh at the guy who sends “who’s up?” snapchats at 4 am, we might pull some flirting faux-pas’ ourselves, without even realizing it!

1. Trying To Make Him Jealous


If you have just started seeing  a guy, I’m not saying you should immediately let him know that he’s the only guy you’re interested in, even if it’s true. Nothing wrong with letting a guy know that he doesn’t own you, but in my experience with girls, when they try to make guys jealous they do it wrong. Guys get jealous just like girls do, but if a guy sees you hanging over some other dude at the bar in attempts to get his attention? He’s probably just going to assume you’re not interested in him or you’re a hoe, sorry.

2. Playing With Social Media


I get it, I get it, you want to play “hard to get.” But it’s really f***ing stupid when you don’t respond to a guys text and send him a drunk snapchat in a couple hours instead. You don’t look any cooler than if you had just responded in the first place, and most guys I know can see right through that shit, this is the 21st century people.

3. Texting his Friends


Isn’t the whole “Hey, I think your friend’s cute” thing a little bit middle-school? Although this might work if you’re trying to get a quick f***, no  guy is going to want to be in a relationship with a chick who uses a messenger to communicate how she feels. I mean, how would you feel if your man’s best friend was the one telling you that you boyfriend loves you? Yeah.. no.

4. Using Liquid Courage


It’s intimidating to text a guy first, even if it’s just for a booty-call. But relying on alcohol to do the talking for you isn’t a good look for anyone. Besides, doesn’t drunk booty-calling guys make you one of the guys that you make fun of? Nothing wrong with looking for a little late-night D, but if you can’t talk to your man without half a bottle of Jose, he’s never going to take you seriously, plus sober sex is always better sex.

5. Ignoring Him


This goes along with the whole “making him jealous” thing. Guys are HORRIBLE at reading your signals. And if you think walking into a party and talking to every guy but your guy is the way to snag him, it’s not. He probably thinks your mad at him, or feel awkward around him after your last encounter. He’ll most likely not come up to you, for fear that your crazy-lady claws are going to come out. So do yourself a favor and act like a normal person and say hi to the guy.

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