Flashback Friday: The 1997 Cannes Film Festival

With all the buzz about the Cannes film festival this year with fabulous faces such as Nicole Kidman and Blake Lively, we thought that it was our public duty as die hard fans of all things 90’s that we remind you of the 1997 Cannes Film Festival and the iconic attendees who made it unforgettable. For this week’s Flashback Friday, we introduce you to the 1997 tastemakers of Cannes.

Power Couple Kate Moss and Johnny Depp arrived looking like the image of class, with Kate in an uncharacteristically demure Ralph Lauren sheathe dress. This is one couple we are still mourning.

Rock and roll legend Iggy Pop who co starred alongside Depp in the Film The Brave. If you are craving your daily dose of badass, we recommend this film.

Promoting his film Ghosts, Jackson arrived in a jeweled velvet jacket befitting the reigning King of Pop.

Model Milla Jovovich arrived a gilded bra and barely there skirt to promote her film The Fifth Element in which she plays the perfect woman. Can’t be too difficult to play perfect if you already are perfect.

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