Flashback Fashion Friday: Unforgettable Runway Moments

Fashion is all about the drama darling!

Especially behind the scenes, models rushing from show to show (more like job to job), pr reps who just need you to sit where you are assigned, designers who haven’t ate for weeks, producers holding back shows waiting for that tres important editor or celeb to show up, and there’s us caught in the middle of this hurricane.

Well thankfully some of the best dramatic moments can happen front and center on the catwalk for us all to see and experience. From amazement to sadness, laughter and fear, they instantly change the dynamic of a show for better or worse, but usually better. Take these unforgettable runway moments to help you appreciate the lack of drama during any season.

Vivienne Westwood- Fall 1993 Starring Naomi Campbell in “Tumbling Tower of Nay-Nay”

Falling is not cute, take it from us New Yorkers who have been battling snow and icy streets for the last 2 months. Now if you’re lucky it’s so frigid out no one will see it or if there are other pedestrians; you hope no one cares and they’ll just keep it moving. Now imagine falling in front of hundreds of people? Oh, very important people and about 600 professional photographers capturing your demise. This is what happened to Naomi Campbell during Vivienne Westwood’s Fall 1993 show. But as perfect as Nay-Nay (as I like to call her) is, she seems to crack the most beautiful smile to what is a pretty embarrassing moment and gracefully finish her catwalk.

Alexander McQueen- Spring 1999 with Shalom Harlow in “Attack of the spray cans”

Part swan lake, part beautiful woman in distress, at first you’re not really sure what’s happening to this spinning ballerina. You quickly see 2 robot arms seemingly attacking her with splashes of colors as if she were a brick wall or the No. 2 train. The result is a beautiful dress that has just starred in the role of a canvas and reveals this unforgettable masterpiece.

Rick Owens -Spring 2014 “Hot Steppers”

Who run the world? Let’s just say it was very unexpected to see these steppers break out during Rick Owens’ Spring 2014 show. The impact was indeed powerful. In an industry that celebrates the delicate and demure, to see these women step their way down the catwalk demanding your attention made for an unforgettable show. It can also be a great metaphor for womanhood at the moment. I am woman hear me roar, and I will do so in my $4000 lambskin tank top.

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