Flashback Fashion Friday: 1995’s Fashion Documentary ‘Unzipped’

“Everything is frustrating, except designing clothes- that’s beautiful and liberating”- Issac Mizrahi

There are so many great fashion documentaries but few act as a time capsule to the greatest fashion moment in time, the supermodel era.
1995’s Unzipped, is based off of Issac Mizrahi’s preparation for his Fall 1994 collection. From his vision, to the day of his runway show we get a glimpse into the highs and lows of his journey.
Advice comes from all angles like Momma Mizrahi, a Ouji Board, and Fashion editor Polly Mellen. We also catch a special glimpse of some of the best fashion models of our time as young fresh faces. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Eve Salvail; just to name a small few. To be honest I think every supermodel or buzz worthy girl of that time walked or came in for a fitting during this movie.
But the best moment is when he sits with Eartha Kitt about making a gown for her and she gives one of the best shimmies.(see below)
I can go on and on about all the fashion favorites that made a cameo during this doc (like a young shy John Galliano) but what really makes this film wonderful is the sheer honesty you get from Mizrahi. He shares his inspirations, his fears and sense of relief when it all comes together. It’s beautiful and chaotic, all at once.
Watch it on Netflix this weekend and save a pen and pad for all the great quotes.

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