Flashback: “…Baby One More Time” Turns 15!

Everyone has a different memory when they hear those famous 3 chords.. Personally, mine (slash EVERYONE’S) is dancing around the bedroom with one of my church shirts tied up with a hair brush in hand (Whatever, you TOTALLY did that too)! Today marks the 15 year anniversary of former Bubblegum Pop Princess Britney Spears’ debut single “…Baby One More Time”, and YES, this means we’re all officially old (*sad face*)! We’re taking a look back at our fav moments from the song that began the era of Britney. Check it out below!

Britney’s like, SOOOO over it right now. Like, she can’t even deal.


So OBVI it’s time for a hallway dance break!


And then these girls are like…


And then Britney’s all like, I RULE (*smirk*)



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