Fitness Apps That Help Make Fitness Fun

1. Nike Running: For those of you that actually don’t despise running, this app is great for keeping track of your runs when not on the treadmill (because that shit gets so tedious anyways). This app will let you know every time you’ve gone another mile, and also let you know your pace. My favorite part about using the app is that you can run around an area you may not know well (aka perfect time to search for hot guys), but you won’t have to worry that you’re not going long/hard enough because the app will keep track.

Galore Mag - Nike- App

2. My Power Mix: Okay, so technically this is a drinking app, for power hours. However, I ingeniously have decided to use this app for my interval workouts. Who wants to use a boring stop-watch while doing timed exercises like planks? Instead, I use this app, which simply changes the song every minute. You’ve got love an app that is perfect for drinking AND working out, my two favorite activities!

Galore Mag - Barcardio - My Power Mix

3. My Fitness Pal:  If, like me, you’re great about going to the gym, but not so great at resisting those free cookies at work or your roommate’s 2AM pizza runs, this is the app for you. You probably won’t need to re-vamp your entire diet, but by tracking your calorie intake throughout the day, you can cut back on that random handful of Triscuits you grab mid-afternoon, and realize that you really don’t need that third glass of wine (although if you actually manage to remember to log calories while drinking, I’m jealous).

Galore Mag - Regina George - Mean Girls

5. Charity Miles Want to give back, but feel like you don’t have the time? Charity Miles taking killing one bird with two stones to the next level. The app allows you to donate to the charity of your choice with every mile you run! Only downside is that the app doesn’t work if you’re using a treadmill, maybe better to start using this app when it’s not cold as balls outside..

Galore Mag - Charity Run - App

6. Daily Burn: One of the main problems many of us seem to have with the gym is that once we get there, we’re not sure exactly what to do… For those of us that don’t have this problem, we still often get caught in a rut. Ruts are not good for our bodies! Once your body gets used to your gym routine, it’s hardly a good workout anymore! Apps like Daily Burn are perfect for giving you new routines to do at the gym, in your apartment, or wherever the hell else you wanna get a quick ab workout.

Galore Mag - Daily Burn

7. Yoga Studio: Almost everyone loves yoga, but not everyone loves having to pay for classes or try to make said classes fit into your schedule. This app has classes that you can follow on your own time in your own house, just get a yoga mat and you’re set! Unless you live in a tiny ass studio apartment that is… then you might be better off going to a yoga studio after all.

Galore Mag - Yoga

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