9 Fit-Stagrams To Inspire Your Health Journey

It’s impossible to divorce the fit movement from social media. Every time I scroll through my Insta-feed, I am bombarded with pictures of yogic goddesses, big bootied chicks in their home environment (the gym) and way too many images of oatmeal styled up so it looks like something you’d actually want to eat. Truth is, if you’re really a fitness fanatic, it will show through your Instagram.

The Instas of real health nuts tend to be beautiful, inspriring, and most of all make fit look fun and easy. If you’re feeling too lazy to take a run on this 90 degree spring day, put the pep back in your step by following these health hotties on Insta.

If You Love Chicks In Bikinis, Check Out….

1. @laisdeleonfitness / @laisdeleon


Lais is a personal trainer and animal lover with abs that could be used to cut diamonds. Her Insta features gym style with a sprinkling of puppies, horses, and dolphins, and can be stalked for some ideas on fitness outside of the gym.

2. @danibelle


How TF does Australian model Danielle Robertson have time to hit the gym in between photoshoots and getting her law degreee? If she can do it, you can too. She also has some amaze-balls Earth porn pics on her gram in case you need a break from the cold steel and flourescent lights of the basement gym.

3. @diazdilya


Is there something in the water over in Australia that makes these girls compulsively work out? Dilya Diaz is another bikini model with an Insta of fitness inspo gold. She also includes delicious looking smoothie recipes and health food pics. Makes me hungry for an acai bowl.

If You’re Looking For Food Porn….

4.  @rrayyme


Fruit. Smothies. Sandwiches. And ASS. I’m talking kiwis over everything, coffee with the cream swirling through, salads like you wouldn’t believe. Honestly, there is food on this Insta that I can’t even recognize. Food porn lovers, Remi’s Insta is for you, with plenty of gym selfies thrown in to keep you satisfied.

5. @kayla_itsines


Kayla is the creator of the “12 Weeks to a Bikini Body” plan, and as such her Insta is full of success stories, selfies, gym steez, and once again food food food. If you’re a girl who likes a good “before and after” collage to inspire you, get on Kayla’s gram. You might even decide to try her 12 week program!

6. @stephaniebaessler


It’s hard to categorize Stephanie’s BAE Instagram, which is filled with poolside pics, ab selfies in gyms, and sick workout style. But what really gets you scrolling (and gets your stomach growling) is the f***ing delicious food. These are gluten-free protein pancakes will give you a food-gasm, and wait til you see her artfully arranged pics of homemade muffins and fresh fruits.

For The Gym Rats Among You…

7. @nikisveta


Sveta’s Insta is basically full of close-ups of her toned AF abs in yoga shorts and sports bras. The captions are mostly in Russian, but as the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.

8. @mandysacs


Is the fact that Mandy won the WBFF bikini competition not enough reason for you to follow?! The #teamwhitegirlswithass hottie definately squats, and works out every other muscle besides.

9. lacikaysomers


This golden locked Playboy bunny seems to do nothing but chill at the gym and on the beach in tiny tees and even tinier shorts. Laci’s bomshellicious bod defines the term “thick”, so if you’re trying to bulk up where it counts (your tits and ass) this one’s for you.

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