Firsties And Faves With Lupa J, The Aussie Teen Music Prodigy

While the rest of 6 year olds in the world developed their Lego building skills, Lupa J was learning to play the violin. After 10 years of classical training, Lupa started recording and producing her own songs, driven heavily by an electronic sound. At  17, Lupa immediately seems mature in a way only a music prodigy might be—what 17-year-old says she doesn’t like romance stories—and her songwriting reflects that. She sounds like what Grimes might sound like, when she grows up. Before getting too wise, however, it’s important to reflect on the firsties and faves that Lupa J will undoubtedly leave behind in Sydney, the land of her childhood. 

FIRST DATE: An awkward movie date, when I was 13. I think we watched Harry Potter 7.

FIRST JAMS: When I was thirteen I had some fantasies about being a singer while listening to Florence and the Machine’s Cosmic Love. But it was after listening to all of Grimes’s albums when I was fifteen that I just had to go out and get my hands on some synths.

FIRST HAIR TREND OBSESSION: Super straight side bangs—I was 11!

FIRST SONG SHE WROTE:  ‘The Infinite Colour’. I wrote it the day after my break up from a two year (and my first ever) relationship. The song is about knowing a relationship is hurting you, and that you have to leave, but still being completely in love. Even though it can’t last forever, you’ll still remember it as a beautiful thing.

FAVORITE OUTFIT: I have this fancy pantsuit I wore at a performance once, with some black platform sandals. In terms of appearance, that’s my favorite, but if we’re talking comfort, then definitely my pajamas!

FAVORITE ROMANCE: I’m not a big fan of ‘romance stories’. I like the film Princess Mononoke, how you never actually see the main male and female character ‘start’ their relationship, even though they clearly have strong feelings for each other. I like that Miyazaki chose to imply that they were in love without making a big deal of it. In a way, I find that more romantic.

FAVORITE RAP SONG: Rap’s not my favorite genre, but “Nosebleed Section” by The Hilltop Hoods is pretty catchy. Thanks to an obsessed friend I know all the words.

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