From Kylie Jenner To Jourdan Dunn, Here’s Your First Look At Coachella 2015

So you know the GIANT festival that’s been completely taking over the Internet for the last couple of weeks? Well, here at Galore. we’re pleased to announce that Coachella 2015 is FINALLY HERE!


While the festival doesn’t officially begin for another hour, the stars are already starting to flock to the desert to bow down and worship before the gods of the Chella (praise be to those entrepreneurial deities). While nobody’s festival dressed at early o’clock, thanks to Instagram, we do have our first glimpse into 2015 Coachella Style.

Hair color is in. 

This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as everybody from Hilary Duff to Julianne Hough has been hopping on the Manic Panic expressway recently.  It must be something about spring that makes us collectively think, “time to dress up the dead skin follicles growing out of our scalp.”  Since we can all agree that purple is sooo last fall, let’s turn our attention to the newest hues to be donning celebrity heads: blue and silver.

Kylie Jenner channeled her inner Barbie Girl with long aqua locks and a new set of matching nails. The verdict’s still out as to whether she or her sister will wear anything from their latest festival collection for PacSun, but you can bet that all the fifteen-year-olds with parents cool/naive enough to let their teenagers actually go to Coachella certainly will.


Meanwhile, Jourdan Dunn, opting for the harder of the two color trends, got her silver on.


While we’re hoping bae is gonna pull off some Daenerys Targaryen realness, Dunn’s sure to look stunning in whatever she’s got packed away in her suitcase(s).  But still, fingers crossed she really goes for it:


Less Skin, More Wrist Candy.   


Drake, ditching the festival dress code of flower crowns, flowy white tops, and cutoff shorts apparently prefers matching sweatpants and the newest device designed to shackle us to technology, the Apple watch.  At least the watch matches the sweats.

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