First Date Makeup, According To Eline Syrdalen

First date makeup is always tricky. “Is my eyeliner too thick?” “What if I get lipstick on his face?” or even… “Did I remember my emergency mouthwash?” Some of you may have been on many dates and some of you have yet to experience your first one, but perfecting date night look is forever hard, so we asked Eline Syrdalen. She’s a vixen, she’s confident and she knows the products you need to look your best. Get her secrets, below!


1. On a first date, should a girl wear eyeliner?

What ever makes a girl feel confident, but I would always do a natural make up on a first date.

2. What’s sexier – a red lip or a cat eye!?

I love the cat eye look, I feel that it’s something that suits all type of women. Red lips are beautiful, but very important to find the right color to your skin, and a color that does not make your teeth look yellow, but white.

3. What is your biggest secret for a full vixen makeup look?

I prefer natural make up,  with Scandinavian skin tones and light hair it can easily look tacky with too much. Darker girls can look more natural with more colors and make up. But I love to use highlighter, that makes my skin glow.

4. What are three products you need in your date purse?

1. Clinique´s Chubby Stick is amazing, it gives your lips a fresh and natural color.
2. Lip balm from Rosebud.
3. Bronzer from Too Faced, and it actually smells like chocolate!

5. Any smooth proof lipstick you can recommend?

Clarins Lip Balm is amazing, it softs your lips and it gives your lips a fresh natural color.




Photographer/Director: Ray Kay

Makup/Hair: Shiri Fauer

Model: Eline Syrdalen

Shot in Miami

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