Fifth Harmony’s Favorite Songs + 5 Steps To Being A Bo$$

Fifth Harmony, our modern day Spice Girls/girl power warriors/diva extraordinaires are busy making 2015 their best year ever. Their debut album Reflection is making waves and they are unsurprisingly killing it on tour with their hot new songs and always awe-inspiring covers. Although these girls are young, they haven’t let their ages stop them from consistently reaching new heights in their careers. We caught up with 5th Harmony to chat all things girl power and may have possibly convinced them to do a new Lana Del Rey cover!

Galore - 5h - Fifth Harmony

What are some of your favorite girl power anthems?
Lauren: “Brave, Honest, Beautiful” – 5H
Camila: Hard Out Here” – Lily Allen
Ally: “Girl Power” – Cheetah Girls
Dinah: “Video” – India Arie
Normani: “Run the World” – Beyonce

What kind of goodies can you not resist on tour?
Nutella, bananas, capt n’ crunch & ritz crackers!

What are five steps to being a true BO$$?
Confidence, ambition, encouraging to others, have high standards and set goals.

Tell us all about the new record – how does this album define Fifth Harmony
The record is fun and upbeat. We all have different tastes in music and this represents each of our individual styles. There’s a little bit of pop, r&b, rap, party music. There is something for everybody.

How does one live like Mariah? Who are some of your other fav pop divas?
Sing really high – live like a BOSS! Pop divas: Christina Aguilera, P!NK, J.lo, Beyonce, Lady Gaga.

What sexy men are always are on 5H’s man crush list?
Lauren: Matty Healy
Camila: Chef Boyaredee
Ally: Channing Tatum
Jane: Dwayne Johnson-Dinah
Normani: Chris Hemsworth

And lastly…can we hope for any new Lana Del Rey covers!?
We would love to!

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